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8 Surprisingly Fresh Furnishing Trends from the 1970s

Macrame is the Trojan horse that brought 1970s design trends back into style in 2019. And if you don’t know what we’re on about, go look at the window display of any Urban Outfitters or search for “living room decor” on Pinterest. All caught up? But seriously, design is a reflection of culture. In many ways the 1970s could be easily mistaken for today: a time of Black power, women’s rights, and global demonstrations for peace and equality. Back then,Read More

What Interior Design Consultants Know That You Don’t

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Over the last two decades, popular design trends have shifted, moving away from faux DIY chic towards sleek and authentic. After all, the year 2000 was twenty years ago! Much has changed, especially when it comes to how people choose to design their homes. You may think you have the necessary skills for picking out your own furnishings. But you might not know certain things that only a trained interior design consultant would know. So, when is it sensible to hireRead More

What is Minimalist Interior Design and How to Achieve It

To understand minimalism in interior design, we must first understand it as a lifestyle. Minimalism means living with only the bare essentials, decluttering your space, and leading a peaceful and simple life. Nowadays, consumerism has led us to believe that acquiring more items will lead to happiness and satisfaction, but Minimalists believe in the opposite; that a clutter-free home will set the tone for a relaxing and free lifestyle. Similarly, these attributes can be applied to interior design and furniture.Read More

How To: Furnish a Startup Office on a Budget

Regardless of the industry your startup is in, designing a proper office space is crucial to the success your company. With the right design, it can increase employee productivity, satisfaction, and collaboration, ultimately raising profits in the long run. Since most startups have limited capital funding to spend on their office, here’s how you can furnish your startup office on a budget.   Have an Open Concept Workspace Instead of the traditional closed-off cubicles and hidden-away offices, build a workspaceRead More

How to Refresh Your Room for Less

By Alexa Caruso Trends come and go but your space is yours forever. So how do you switch-up your home style without breaking the bank? Here’s some tips on how to refresh your room with a new look for less. 1. Get Crafty If you’re willing to put in some elbow grease you can change your space for pretty much next to nothing, and don’t forget you’ve got the whole online world willing to help (hi, Youtube tutorials). Suggestions run theRead More

5 Christmas Housewarming Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time when you are much more likely to visit friends and family. Sometimes this may also tie in with them moving to a new home. Why not combine the two things and pick them out a Christmas housewarming gift? Stuck for ideas on what to buy? Here are some of the amazing 5 Christmas Housewarming Gift Ideas that you could buy as a treat for the new homeowner during the festive season. 1. A cleaning Supplies CakeRead More

Designing a Home for Entertaining

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Entertaining space is an essential element of a home, especially for new graduates. There are some tips for designing a home for entertaining.   A Gathering Space A living room is a space used frequently for gathering. Recently, a television is not trendy putting in the living room but a projector or a home theatre. Hence, when you live in the house could have a great sound environment and large screen for enjoying movies or music with comfortable seating. The kitchenRead More

3 ways to make your room feel BIGGER!

    1. Statement furniture with a dual purpose. Low and high: Sofas with low arms add room height and make the room feel bigger by allowing an overall view from multiple angles. Select furniture with a “wow” factor: The “wow” comes from small characteristics such as materials used, accents, details and patterns. This will enable you to style a room that reflects your personality. Multi-purpose functionality: Selecting furniture with a dual purpose allows flexibility in life whilst removing the needRead More