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8 Surprisingly Fresh Furnishing Trends from the 1970s

Macrame is the Trojan horse that brought 1970s design trends back into style in 2019. And if you don’t know what we’re on about, go look at the window display of any Urban Outfitters or search for “living room decor” on Pinterest. All caught up? But seriously, design is a reflection of culture. In many ways the 1970s could be easily mistaken for today: a time of Black power, women’s rights, and global demonstrations for peace and equality. Back then,Read More

What Interior Design Consultants Know That You Don’t

A person's hands make notes on a notepad with a pink sticky note.

Over the last two decades, popular design trends have shifted, moving away from faux DIY chic towards sleek and authentic. After all, the year 2000 was twenty years ago! Much has changed, especially when it comes to how people choose to design their homes. You may think you have the necessary skills for picking out your own furnishings. But you might not know certain things that only a trained interior design consultant would know. So, when is it sensible to hireRead More

10 Easy Ways to Zen Your Airbnb

Relaxing space - lookout onto street below

Zen. In a world that is increasingly noisy and busy, how can we find more zen? Many people are using Airbnb to find their inner peace, carving out a weekend to go away on a personal retreat. Whether your rental is beside a babbling brook or a bus stop, it’s easy to create a restful space that appeals to this category of guests. Don’t worry – mindfulness is not just a fad! Recent data shows that meditation and hiking activitiesRead More

Three Ways to Decide Which Furniture to Bring When You Relocate

Moving furniture can be expensive and frankly a chore.

New expats, the soon-to-be-relocated — congrats on your upcoming adventure! Whether you have a relocation package, or you’re headed for a new adventure all on your own, your first task is to decide what to do with your furniture. You spent hard earned money on that couch, after all. And it would be nice to have something familiar in your new home, right? Maybe, maybe not. It’s tricky, we get it. You don’t want to regret anything, but you alsoRead More

30 Minute Cleaning Challenge: How To Quickly Prepare For Your Next Guest Reservation

Cleaning may not be your favorite thing to do, especially if you’re a person that is always busy or with a tight schedule. But, as you grow up, you realize that duties do come in life, whether you like that or not, and a grumpy face and some Mr. Bean-styled murmuring won’t shoo them away. Instead of postponing the home chore you hate the most, it’s better to eat the frog and do that in the morning. You probably willRead More

Furnishing Your Airbnb’s Living Space

If you’re thinking of renting out a home or property you own as a short-term vacation rental on Airbnb or other home-sharing platforms, you’re probably wondering how you can set up the space in the best possible way to attract guests and impress them when they arrive. But furnishing a home for short-term rentals isn’t always simple. There are more factors to consider than just style. That’s because the needs of a weekend visitor might be different than someone livingRead More

What is Minimalist Interior Design and How to Achieve It

To understand minimalism in interior design, we must first understand it as a lifestyle. Minimalism means living with only the bare essentials, decluttering your space, and leading a peaceful and simple life. Nowadays, consumerism has led us to believe that acquiring more items will lead to happiness and satisfaction, but Minimalists believe in the opposite; that a clutter-free home will set the tone for a relaxing and free lifestyle. Similarly, these attributes can be applied to interior design and furniture.Read More

5 Airbnb Tips to Make your Listing Stand Out

Airbnb has taken and challenged the hospitality industry in many ways. Due to the increasing popularity, getting your Airbnb listing chosen seems to be impossible. Airbnb hosting business has become more popular recently and, of course, becoming more and more competitive almost every day. As a furnishing expert, Furnishr has helped many Airbnb hosts with setting up their rental properties. Here are some of our Airbnb tips to help make your property stand out from the rest of the competitors. HereRead More

How to Love Living with Roommates

Whether you’re entering your first year of college or moving to a new city, living with roommates isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Old habits die hard, and living in a shared space can sometimes challenge the lifestyle that you’ve grown so accustomed to. If you find that you and your roommates are constantly fighting over who ate the last slice of leftover pizza, or the acceptable noise level when having friends over, take a look at these 5Read More

The Guide to Setting Up an Airbnb Rental in New York City

airbnb rental in new york city

AirBnb rental properties have been popping up in New York City, which is undoubtedly the hottest spot for vacationers and business travellers. A decent studio in New York City can be rented for $150-350 for a room on AirBnb. An entire AirBnb rental that sleeps more than 6 can cost approximately $650 and more. Other than the size and occupancy, the nightly cost of renting a room or entire place depends on the location as well as how the unitRead More