3 ways to design your own house to feel BIGGER!

design your house bigger - gray living room

The quintessential quality a homeowner often looks for is the spaciousness of their house. However, not everybody has the luxury of having that square footage. However, don’t give up on that dream just yet. Here are three easy ways on how to design your own house to appear more spacious and open.

1. Statement furniture with a dual purpose.

  • Low and high: Sofas with low arms add room height and make the room feel bigger by allowing an overall view from multiple angles.
  • Select furniture with a “wow” factor: The “wow” comes from small characteristics such as materials used, accents, details and patterns. This will enable you to style a room that reflects your personality.
  • Multi-purpose functionality: Selecting furniture with a dual purpose allows flexibility in life whilst removing the need for excess furniture and improving traffic flow.
  • Show off some leg: Forget skirted sofas with or boxy chairs. Instead, opt for height and sleek lines which reflect light and create a sense of space
  • Avoid small furnishings: Multiple pieces of small furniture can reduce the flow of movement in the living room. Large sofas that fill the room giving the illusion of space whilst maximizing comfort.
Spacious home - design your house bigger

2. The ABC of artwork.

  • Arranging smaller artworks or photographs can be grouped together neatly to replicate a single piece.
  • Oversized, Bold artwork will draw the eye upwards, becoming the focal point of the room and give the appearance of a bigger space. 
  • Create unity by coordinating Colors of the Artwork with soft furnishings like cushions and throw rugs.
group artwork together - design house bigger

3. Ornaments styled right.

  • Larger ornaments provide more impact, creating a sleek and modern sense of style. As a result, rooms appear clean, crisp, brighter and bigger.
  • Reduce the number of ornaments on your shelves by only displaying a few of your favorites. By keeping a few pieces of furniture or a few shelves clear of ornaments, the number of ornaments is reduced. Therefore, and appear less cluttered
  • Excess ornaments can be kept in boxes or in a cupboard and rotated every season for a fresh look, allowing you to still enjoy the benefits of those treasured belongings.
  • Place items on furniture with less use. This reduces breakage and increases functionality and comfort.
  • Add depth with items of varying heights and in groups of two or three. (The vase displayed has two stems of orchids in varying sizes).
Coffee table decorated - design your house bigger




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