What is Furnishr?+

Furnishr is a one-stop solution for interior design. Our designers carefully curate furniture packages based on customer style preferences. We work with your budget and style to create your dream home. Our team is able to deliver and assemble all the furniture within one day. Get started here.

How much of a time commitment is it on my part?+

It is up to you how involved you would like to be with the design process, and you can give as little or as much feedback as you’d like. Furnishr was built for everyone, even people who don’t have a strong opinion on designs or fabrics, can live in a beautiful home.

After we send you a design proposal, you have the option of hopping onto a design call to discuss which pieces you like and do not like. Design revisions are sent by the next business day. Once we nail the design concept, there is no more work for you. Simply tell us which day you would like us to deliver and assemble your new room.

Why Furnishr?+

At Furnishr we believe that everyone should have beautiful furniture and our service is easy to use, customized, and affordable.

Talented Designers- Furnishr has a great team of talented designers, that can pull together a beautiful furniture package that works for your budget, style, and space. We combine great design and excellent customer service to create an enjoyable customer experience.

Affordable Packages- Furnishr saves money and time from furnishing a home. By grouping furniture into a package, we provide customers a 20% cost savings. Compared to other retailers, we save customers time by taking care of all the heavy lifting and assembly work.

I live outside North America, can Furnishr help me?+

You can use Furnishr if you are moving to a city located in North America.

Getting Started

How do I get started?+

Simply fill out a room proposal and then add the rooms you'd like us to help you decorate. Our designer will then curate a custom furniture package for you. You can also choose from one of our beautiful pre-curated packages.

How does this process work?+

Our process works in 5 easy steps:

1. Find your true design style through our style quiz>.

2. Create a room profile with your room dimensions and the furniture pieces you need. Our designer will then send a proposal within the next two business days.

3. Collaborate with designer and let us know what you like and dislike about your proposal. We will personalize your proposal until you have your dream home.

4. Purchase your room. The package cost includes all the furniture, delivery, and assembly.

5. Let us do the rest! We will get all the furniture delivered and assembled within a few hours so you can enjoy your new home.

How will the designer know what style I like?+

Before creating your design proposal, our designers will carefully review your style quiz results and room profile. You can also upload inspirational pictures when you create a room profile, in order for us to better understand what you like.

Your feedback is very important to us. Through a design call, you can let us know any changes you would like to make to the room design. We want to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied, and throughout the process we are always readily available to help edit your design.

How do I book a call with a designer?+

You can schedule a chat with one of our designers here.

Product Inquiries

Can I change what's in a package?+

Definitely! You can either email us or book a design call to let us know which items you would like to swap out.

How much will this cost?+

Pricing is based on the type of furniture and amount of furniture and accessories you need. You can get a custom quote here.

Does the price include delivery fees?+

The package price includes all the furniture, delivery, and assembly fees.

Where do you source the furniture from?+

We source furniture directly from manufacturers and distributors who have been operating in North America for at least 5 years. We cut out the middlemen and cut costs to give you high-value and quality products.

Can I see the furniture in person?+

We have a showroom in Toronto at 373 KING ST. WEST, FL. 2, TORONTO, ON. M5V 1K1. You will see a small selections of furniture there. We plan to open more showrooms in other major cities in the near future.

In addition to furniture do you offer decor accents?+

Yes! We offer a beautiful selection of decor accents. You can select which home accents you want under OTHERS+.

Can you take away my old furniture?+

We can remove old furniture in your home for a fee which varies depending on the number of pieces. We also have partners who are consignment businesses and charity organizations that will sell or donate your furniture.

Do you paint walls and hang the wall arts too?+

We only focus on furnishing at this time and we currently do not touch any walls or floors. Therefore, we will not paint the walls nor hang any wall art. That said, we can recommend handyman services in your area. If you order wall arts from us, we will unwrap and remove all of the packaging on the delivery day.

Help! One of my pieces broke, what do I do?+

If any of your furniture breaks due to manufacturing defects, simply email us at and we will help you replace the item.

How do I cancel an order?+

If you wish to cancel your order, simply contact us and we will cancel your order and organize your refund.


Where do you ship to?+

We ship to all cities across Canada and the USA except for Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, we can deliver a room to you.

Can I request for a specific delivery date?+

You will have to notify us at least 2 weeks prior to the delivery date you want and we will do our best to organize deliveries and movers for specified date.

What to expect on delivery day?+

You will receive a call the day before delivery to confirm the 4 hour delivery window. You will also receive a call on the delivery day, 30 minutes prior to delivery, to notify you that we are on the way.

How should I prepare for the delivery?+

Prior to delivery date, please make sure to have the elevator booked. Entryways and hallways should be clear of any obstacles that will get in the way of movers. We will remove all packaging post delivery; however, we advise to arrange cleaning services for any leftover small debris.

How long does it to get the order delivered?+

It takes about 5 to 15 business days to get your delivery if you're located in major cities, and 10-20 business days in smaller cities.

How long does it take to set up a room?+

We will set up a room in about 90-120 minutes. It may take longer if we need to take the stairs or find street parking.

My Account & Payments

What happens if I forget my login and/or password?+

If you forget your password, simply click “Reset” on login page, and you will get an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

If you forget the email you signed up with, send us an email at and we will help you get your login details.

How do I edit my account settings?+

Editing your information is easy, just follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Furnishr account

2. Using the drop down menu in the upper right corner, click “Details”

3. Edit name, email, or password

What type of payment do you accept?+

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) and Paypal. For customers located in the United States, we also accept Paypal Credit.

Do you offer financing?+

We accept PayPal payments so you can use PayPal Credits to finance the purchase from Furnishr. It is interest-free for the first 6 months. To pay with PayPal, simply click on the X click but6 button to be directed to the PayPal login page. Log in with your PayPal account that is linked to PayPal Credit and select the PayPal Credit line to pay for the order.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return and exchange policy?+

If you are not happy with all the items, simply email us within 10 days after the delivery to tell us which pieces you want to return or exchange. We will take away those pieces and refund the partial price of the returned products. Return service charges may be charged based on the condition of items. Sales are final for special sales or made-to-order items.

How will I be refunded?+

The refund will go back onto the same card used to place the order and will be reimbursed via a return transaction.

Can you process my refund onto a different credit card?+

Unfortunately this is not something we are able facilitate. Refunds can only go back on the same card you used to place the order.