Styles of Furniture: Find Your Style

How do you figure out your style?

Many of us struggle with figuring out the technical term for furniture design style or styles we like. We may know which styles we like by appearance but cannot explain this when in a conversation with a furniture sales person or in a casual conversation. Do not fret! We’ve identified the six main styles that will help you figure out what you like and put a name to it. 

We have created a quick and easy quiz you can take to figure out which style or styles best suits you! 

The Six Main Furniture Styles:

Here you can learn a bit more about each style before you begin the Find Your Style quiz!


About This Style:

You love a relaxed, personal, and eclectic aesthetic, with global influences. Layers of earthy colors with jewel tones on top of natural textures and interesting patterns are a recipe for perfection. For you, more is more, and you never want two rooms to ever feel the same.


About This Style:

You love simplicity yet love your space to have a subtle sophistication to it. Whether it’s the paint colour, art on the wall or furniture within your room, you embrace the use of bold stylish elements within your space. You appreciate the use of texture and clean lines throughout. Whether it’s bold colours or neutral tones, there is always a stand-out piece in your space. You want to create a comfortable yet sophisticated place with high impact to entertain your guests. 


About This Style:

You love a room that screams drama and sophistication. You prefer luxurious fabrics, metallic, lacqured, and mirrored surfaces, combined with bold accent colours, ornamental details, and geometric patterns. Your space is upscale and elegant but creates a feel that is still refined.


About This Style:

You love the idea of combining the old with the new by mixing streamlined and vintage decor in open concept spaces that still feel lived in. You like to be surrounded by raw and distressed materials that include wood, stone, leather, and metal. You prefer exposed elements with an unfinished feel. Your ideal colour palette is dark with rich, warm hues that is still neutral and simple.


About This Style:

You embrace functionality but still want your space to feel stylish. You are drawn to clean lines with minimal embellishment. You either love the feel of a cool minimalist modern design, the simple neutral aesthetic of Scandinavian design, or the sleek and warm organic shapes of Mid-Century design. Overall you desire your space to feel symmetrical and cohesive, creating a feeling of simplicity and calm where you can relax after a long day.


About This Style:

You love timeless design that incorporate elements from different styles, with a focus on creating comfortable yet elegant spaces. There is a focus on warm and organic materials, blending together sophisticated and contemporary pieces with more comfortable and relaxed elements. You want your space to feel inviting and a place where you can put your feet up but also entertain your friends and family. 

Ready to figure out which styles you are?

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