8 Surprisingly Fresh Furnishing Trends from the 1970s

Macrame is the Trojan horse that brought 1970s furnishing trends back into style in 2019. And if you don’t know what we’re on about, go look at the window display of any Urban Outfitters or search for “living room decor” on Pinterest. All caught up?

But seriously, design is a reflection of culture.

In many ways the 1970s could be easily mistaken for today: a time of Black power, women’s rights, and global demonstrations for peace and equality. Back then, peasant blouses, bell bottoms, and megaphones were all in fashion. Home furnishings began to evolve from ’60s mod interior design to reflect a joyful returning to nature. Earthy color schemes, natural materials, and luxurious textures entered the mainstream.

Today, we’re seeing a return to some classic 1970s furnishing trends and design elements — but elevated to contemporary standards.

Check out these 8 surprisingly fresh furnishing trends to get vintage inspiration for your modern home.

1. Rattan

Everyone knows that signature creak when you sit down in a rattan chair. Plus, the airy, slightly summery look of rattan furniture really nails the outdoor/indoor design trend. Whether it’s furniture or home accessories, rattan and other natural materials are showing up front and center in the hottest homes of 2019.

woven rattan table top

2. Vintage Rugs

Let’s be honest, when have vintage rugs ever NOT been in style? Some designers are using these textiles as part of maximalist design schemas, whereas others use them as a single pop of interest in otherwise minimalist rooms. Either way, we’re glad that vintage rugs are still popular. There’s no better way to enliven a room than with a handcrafted textile under your feet.

intricately woven Persian style rug with red, dark blue and light blue elements

3. Palm Fronds

a potted palm frond stands in front of a window inside a room

Plants everywhere! A recent article from The Atlantic sadly busted the myth that houseplants clean the air in your home. It would take many, many plants to actually clean the air to a noticeable degree. But the emotional and aesthetic benefits of surrounding yourself with plants are undeniable! You’ll be on trend with any palm frond or leafy potted plant.

4. Velvet

Luxurious velvet is back in, and we’re seeing it appear everywhere from living rooms to the runway. The touchable texture of velvet is irresistible, and it gives off a slight sheen that can brighten a whole room. A tip for decorating with velvet — use it as an accent feature. Stay away from full-on velvet draped rooms, please, and look instead for accent pillows or a single statement piece.

5. The Color Marigold

This glorious color is popping up everywhere, along with classic 70s hues like avocado green and turquoise. Earthy tones are a reliable and calming color scheme, so look for mustards, ochres, tans and browns if you want a grounded vibe in your home. Marigold is another element that is best used in moderation.

6. Fiber Art

You’ve probably seen fiber art on your favorite design blogs, from Elsie Larson’s Plants to Grace Bonney and Design*Sponge‘s ongoing love affair with wall textiles. They’re popular for good reason! If you need to soften a wall, fiber art is a great way to introduce some movement and texture to a room. They offer a certain charming handmade look, too.

a dim bedroom with a bed and end table with a hanging textile above the lamp

7. Pendant Light Fixtures

Truly, pendant lights are timeless features that can easily be adapted to nearly any interior space. It’s just a matter of finding the appropriate hang length and the right fixture. Pendant lights work especially well in the kitchen. Have some fun looking for unique shapes and sizes!

8. Wallpaper

Gratefully, overly gaudy wallpaper is no longer the mode du jour. But there’s nothing wrong with choosing a nice bold print for your wall! Wallpaper can provide serious impact and design flair with minimal effort on your part, and there are a plethora of amazing options on the market. People are always innovating new ways to use wallpaper in interior design. You can wallpaper your kitchen cupboards, add it to the visible spaces between shelves, or even cut out shapes from it to create bespoke art.

bold palm wallpaper and palm print lampshade in a living room

Are you already swinging the ’70s trends in your home?

If you’re inspired to refurnish your space with some vintage-style furnishings, then book a free consultation with the designers at Furnishr today. We’ll go over your options and get you excited for a swanky seventies style space!

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