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If you’re looking for furniture packages for the whole house, you must be looking for a furnishing solution that is convenient and customizable. Furnishr is proud to be considered the most turnkey furnishing platform for furnishing your entire house or apartment.

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What is "turnkey furnishing"?

Turnkey furnishing is a hassle-free, white-glove and comprehensive approach to furnishing a space – whether it is a house, an apartment or an office – and the entire process is managed for you and the end result is a completely furnished and usable space.


What are included in Furnishr's "turnkey furnishing service"?

From a blank state to a usable home, furnishing involves the curation of all the products you need put together in a stylish manner and the installation of all of these products in a layout that fits each room in the space. To break it down further, see the key offerings in addition to whole-house furniture packages from Furnishr.

End-to-end concierge service

Design concierge

Hiring a furnishing service requires trust in the company’s process and ability to deliver as expected. Furnishr’s design concierge gives you access to a design consultant to answer all your question related to design and the process.

Space planning

Before putting together the furniture packages, the most important step is to understand the usage of the space and what you need to achieve that usage. Whether the house is for yourself or for someone else and the priorities of timing, budget and style all are key considerations for what to select for the property. (If you want to want a guide about how much it costs to furnish a house based on your style, read more in this post .) After you have determined the purpose of the space, then space planning needs to be done based on the room sizes and flow. Furnishr’s design consultation will provide guidance on the setup needed for each room in the space provided.

Furniture packages for the whole house

A furniture package for the whole house needs to be put together through thoughtful curation and sourcing. Viewing the furniture packages in a ‘mood board’ format is an effective way to visualize the style aesthetics of the packages. Here is an example of a mood board for a furnished space.

contemporary living room moodboard

While many furnishing companies provide thousands of products for you to choose from, Furnishr sticks to a packaged presentation model because of their belief in the choice paradox. When you change one item in a package, many items may get affected due to style, budget and space. That’s why Furnishr sources from premium wholesalers so they have control over the true costs and inventory level. In addition, a furniture package includes more than furniture. It includes arts, decorative pillows, lighting and other decor items.

Time efficiency

Because of Furnishr’s sourcing strategy and focus on logistics management, a furniture package can be delivered to any major city in the USA and Canada within 4 weeks after the purchase. Often, deciding what is needed for one room may take 2 months of planning if you don’t hire a professional to help.

One-day delivery and installation

In addition to a design concierge, Furnishr also provides a delivery concierge to ensure a turnkey furnishing experience till the entire house is completely furnished. After you purchase the furniture package for the whole house, the delivery will be scheduled with you. On the delivery day, the ‘home makeover’ with the purchased furniture package for the whole house will be installed according to the layout. This post details what happens on a typical Furnishr delivery day.

The move-in kit

Starting to living in a space requires more than just the furniture package. You also need the day-to-day essentials such as pots and pans, cutlery, dinnerware and linens for the bed. All of these day-to-day items can be purchased as a ‘move-in kit’ package. To see the detail of a move-in kit, check out this airbnb checklist that will entail what is needed to start living in a house.

Cleanup of packaging

Before the installation team leaves your house, they will also remove all the packaging boxes. A typical furniture package for a 3-bedroom house has 45-55 large boxes. Imagine folding up each one and hauling them out of the house! Moreover, we suggest hiring a cleaner to do a final clean before using the house. That will make the whole house completely furnished and ready to use!

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How is Furnishr different from other furnishing companies?

Furnishr is the only furnishing company that provides a digital end-to-end service with unlimited customization. Other furnishing companies often provide a localized service with sourcing from local retailers. There are also design services that specialize in designing. You will see more details about them below. While designing is an important step, being able to furnish in a white-glove turnkey manner is what differentiates Furnishr from other furnishing companies.


  • Havenly is an online interior design service that provides design packages for entire homes. Professional designers assist in creating a personalized look from retailers such as WestElm, IKEA and Wayfair.
  • Facilitation is available if you want to purchase the recommended furniture and decor items from each retailer
  • Customization is possible based on the tier of design packages you purchase

Room & Board

  • Room & Board provides curated room packages for different styles and a cohesive look for the entire package
  • Room & Board is a known brand for quality and craftmanship
  • Customers can mix and match products between room packages 

CORT Furniture Rental

  • CORT specializes in the rental of furniture packages
  • CORT is the most suitable for temporary rental solutions across the country
  • Limited customization is available due to the limited availability of rental products in each showroom

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