Living Room Ideas for a More Functional Home


When you move into a new home or relocate your home, you want to ensure your house can function all your daily needs and workflow. Take a look at these THREE easy tips and living room ideas about how to make your new home have a functional design.

Keep Necessary, Wipe Away Unnecessary

When a home is a clutter and unorganized, productivity is inefficient. “LESS is MORE”, by Mies van der Rohe, is a main idea of simplicity. While you start to wipe away what you do not need, your mind becomes clear. Indeed, you would be more efficient than before.

Keep a clean-up schedule would keep your home fresh. In addition, if there are two persons in the house, a clean-up routine would be more fun because it would look like a debate for things you do not want to donate or things you have to donate. Moreover, you can sell unnecessary furniture or clothes or anything to flee market and earn some pocket money. This is a great way to educate children about having an economical mind.

When you go out and shop for your house, you should keep in mind what is your need, what is not. In case, you would make your house becomes a big storage place, you should minimize your needs and maximize the space. DO NOT BUY IMPULSIVELY. A clean space makes you more productive.

Multi-Functional Space

Storage is a primary functional design for new homes. Storage space is never enough for a family. Multi-functional furniture would utilize space maximally. In a periodic time, rearrange the furniture in a shared space, would let you have a fresh mind and eyes. Then you would not feel bored with staying at home.

Tips for creating multi-function space:

1. Use your corners

Corners usually are waste space in the house. When you start using corners for storage, you would see how clean your space is.

2. Utilize your ceiling space

Ceiling space can store stuff you do not use frequently.

3. Sleek cabinets

Sleek cabinets make your home look elegant.

4. The dual functionality of space

Double function of space would increase your usability of the room. When you can have a multi-function room, your house does not have to be a big house or have many rooms. You can have more room for other purposes.


Nice Movement Flow

Your habits are the most important part of a home. Which movement you think it is convenient for you, that is a great movement. Moreover, when you pick your furniture, the edge line of furniture shows your personality. For instance, the round edge shows a smooth article. And the edge lines of furniture defines the flow of movement. Furthermore, some decorations would make the movement looks more smoothly.

When you pick the color of your house, the color does not need to be white or black, or too many colors. You only need to choose a basic color tone for your room, then make shining points by some decorations. When you decide your color tone, you could play with different textures or materials for enriching your house into your style. At the end of the day, look amongst living room ideas on Pinterest or other blogs to find the tone that sets your needs.

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