Santa’s House: A North Pole Master Bedroom by Furnishr

It’s a question that every child ponders when Christmas comes around: What does Santa’s house actually look like?

Many design firms have presented their ideas for Santa’s North Pole abode. But too many of them fail to account for the realities of how Santa’s home would actually need to function to survive in the Arctic.

For example, what kind of geographic limitations would Santa be subject to? How does Santa mitigate the historical and ecological implications of living in the North Pole? And what sort of day-to-day habits would Santa’s house need to provide for?

Santa is truly a magical man, a larger-than-life legend. After all, Santa does more than just deliver presents on Christmas Eve! He lives in the North Pole year round, plotting the perfect Christmas and tracking snow into his semi-underground home. We feel Santa deserves a space which is eco-friendly, cozy, relaxing, enduring, and which balances tradition with innovation.

So, here it is!

Furnishr presents to you our 2019 vision: Santa Claus’s North Pole master bedroom.

A Bedroom Fit for the Arctic

At the risk of sounding obvious, we have designed a custom sleigh bed for dear St. Nick. But this is no ordinary sleigh bed!

Santa’s bed offers warmth, storage, and darkness to Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Their four-poster bed features an animal-hide upholstered headboard with ornately carved wooden accents. Big, thick glass windows let in lots of natural daylight and warmth from the sun. Heavy, luxurious velvet curtains can be drawn around the bed to provide darkness during the long and bright Arctic days. Santa also employs smart glass film, so he can shut out the daylight whenever he needs to.

Swedish-style cabin-bed drawers are hidden beneath the mattress, to store extra clothes and blankets. A bedside heated clothes butler (also known as a suit valet stand) helps to keep Santa’s outfit warm and wrinkle-free.

A heated valet stand keeps Santa’s suit warm and dry all year round.

Santa’s house stays warm by being smart, and working with the environment rather than against it. His home utilizes eco-friendly geothermal heating to keep the temperature up (and costs down). Santa has built relationships with the local Sami people, and he has traded with them for animal hides and beautiful handcrafted woolen blankets.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus trade with the Sami for blankets to keep them warm.

Santa’s home is built partly into the ground, which enables him to grow his own food year round. We have it on good authority that Santa is partial to mushroom stew.

Smart Santa

Santa is a humble guy, but he also likes to experiment with new technology.

He relies on solar panels to collect sunlight, which in turn powers his lamps, his smart alarm clock and tablet. He particularly loves his wireless speaker system (Santa has a not-so-secret penchant for the Gipsy Kings). Santa can take his music to go, seamlessly moving from bedroom to sauna without missing a beat. Plus, all his devices are synced up with the elves in the workshop, so Santa can easily send ideas and manage toy production from his bedroom.

His smart doorbell allows Santa and Mrs. Claus to see who is at the front door. If it’s an elf knocking, Santa can automatically unlock the door. But if a sneaky human child shows up at the North Pole, Santa can speak over the intercom and send the child home, all without revealing himself.

Santa is just like the rest of us. He sometimes gets depressed during the long days of winter darkness, when the earth is turned away from the sun.

So, Santa uses a special lamp for light therapy. After all, Santa knows that taking care of his mental health is the key to delivering Christmas joy for millions of children around the world.

Captain Christmas

Santa loves to stay organized. His job is his whole life, so Santa keeps a desk in his bedroom.

Truly, it takes a special person to keep track of the List, plan an annual round the world trip, and stay in a good mood!

When Santa sits down to think about Christmas, he can make himself an espresso with his desk-side espresso machine and enjoy some traditional Swedish ‘coffee cheese.‘ Santa can flick on his elf-made banker light and spin his treasured vintage globe to plan his route across the ocean. His desk is the perfect place for Santa to show off his annual Christmas vision board, or to display toy inspiration sketches for the elves.

When he needs to do some research, Santa rifles through a box full of neatly filed and categorized letters from children. A framed black and white photo of Santa with his crew of reindeer has pride of place. A mini countdown to Christmas calendar magically counts down the days until the big event.

Two pairs of well-worn wooden snowshoes are proudly mounted on their closet door. These come in handy when Mrs. Claus goes to her master kitchen to bake, or when Santa tromps over to the reindeer barn to run flying drills with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph.

Near his desk, prints of Arctic wildlife adorn the walls, including sketches of a fox, a puffin, and a polar bear. There are also a traditional Finnish kantele and a willow flute. Santa and Mrs. Claus sometimes enjoy playing music together on cozy winter nights.

It’s chilly outside, but Santa keeps it cozy inside with cheerful illustrations of Arctic animals and traditional Nordic musical instruments.

Finally, a telescope lets Santa stargaze, or bask in the glorious Northern Lights that illuminate the surrounding tundra.

Happy holidays from the Furnishr team!

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