Furnishr vs Traditional Solutions

Wondering how Furnishr is different from traditional furniture stores? See the comparison below.

Furnishr is a furnishing expert.

The traditional way to furnish an entire home from scratch requires you to source each sofa, bed, chair, lamp and everything from each store, whether it’s a brick and mortar retailer or an eCommerce store. To have the entire space completely done, you are also the one coordinating the deliveries with each store and maybe assembling each item on your own. 

With Furnishr, we do it all for you, from sourcing to each piece of furniture that fits your space and your style to setting up each piece in the each room of your home. 

Furnishr typically saves 20% of total costs

through cost efficiency in buying and shipping products in bulk

But, how much is your time worth? 

With Furnishr, we do all the work from curating everything you need according to your style to setting up every item in each room of your home or office. With other retailers, the sourcing of furniture, coordination of deliveries and setting up of furniture are all done by yourself. 

Compare the time savings from Furnishr to traditional solutions
Did you know? It takes an average of 79 days to furnish a major room in a house.

Compare the cost of Furnishr to other retailers

For a typical living room

Cost of furnishing a living room

For a typical bedroom