Furnishr does it all for you, from sourcing to delivery to setup.

Learn how you can save time and money by using our services.

The entire process

The traditional way to furnish an entire home from scratch requires you to source each sofa, bed, chair, lamp and everything from each store, whether it’s a brick and mortar retailer or an eCommerce store.
To have the entire space completely done, you are also the one coordinating the deliveries with each store and assembling each item on your own.
What you save using Furnishr is about 20% of total costs through cost efficiency in buying and shipping products in bulk.

Your time is valuable

With Furnishr, we do all the work from curating everything you need according to your style to setting up every item in each room of your home or office. With other retailers, the sourcing of furniture, coordination of deliveries and setting up of furniture are all done by yourself.

Comparing costs

Here are some cost comparisons between Furnishr and Other Retailers. Not sure how much to budget for your project? Use our handy calculator to estimate how much it will cost to furnish your home.
For a typical living room
For a typical bedroom

Renting vs. Buying Furniture

Here we outline the pricing difference between renting and buying furniture. If you were to rent furniture on a month-by-month basis, purchasing the item outright may be more financially viable, depending on how long you intend to keep it.
Our recommendations:
  1. If you are not 100% comfortable snuggling into used furniture, buy the high-touch items like mattress, sofa, dining chairs.
  2. Rent the minimal amount of essential furniture.
  3. Buy accessories that make you feel good about the space – plants, pillows, arts that speak to you no matter where you live.

Ready to make your ideal space a reality?

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