Furnish your Evolv
Home in one day

Get your bespoke design package and a move-in ready home without lifting a finger

Congratulations, now you're ready to 'Evolv'

Evolv  has partnered with Furnishr to provide the easiest moving and furnishing experience for new residents.  We know how exciting and overwhelming moving into a new home can be and every home deserves a design touch. To make the move to your new home easy, Furnishr will take care of furnishing your entire home as soon as you get your keys!

As an Evolv client, you will receive a bespoke design experience with Furnishr. Simply complete a short style profile and we will create a bespoke design package that fits you and your new home. 

Viridian Front Entrance

How It Works

Describe Your Home​

We start with understanding your personal style and space. We like to know your vision, dimensions and the residents. You'll be surprised how easy it is to get started!

Design Time

Collaborate with a professional to get your perfect look. After a brief individual consultation, our trained interior designers work with you to pick just the right furniture for you.

White-Glove Delivery

No more waiting around! All you need to do is choose your favorite furniture, then we’ll handle the rest. From sourcing, shipping, and delivering, to setup and cleaning up.

Enjoy Your New Home

Furnishr provides start to finish furnishing and you'll be enjoying your new home in 2 weeks, on average. Your satisfaction is our goal and we make sure you love your new home!

Leanne, Los Angelos property manager
"It's amazing that I got to be so hands-off in the moving and delivery of furniture."
Jason, New York hospitality manager
Semi-detached Vacation Home

"You guys always over deliver! This is great! The home looks amazing and the quality of the furniture is great!"
Ashlyn, Toronto landlord
Yorkville 1-bedroom condo

"The furniture are beautiful and I'm so glad the units can be done so quickly! The first unit was sold in 2 days! And I received an offer for the second unit within 5 days of listing."
Naveed, Toronto loft owner
"Wow! I told Furnishr that I have an empty home with no furniture, and they designed and assemble everything in a few hours."

Furnishing a home can be enjoyable and effortless

Why Furnishr


Tell us your vision for the space, from size to style. Work one-on-one with our in-house designers to create your dream space.


We gather all the furniture you desired and arrange for delivery, set-up, and clean up, so you don’t have to.


You save money when you furnish with us. Thanks to our direct relationships with hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers. 

One-Day Setup

We deliver and set up everything in your design in just a few hours.

Colorful Living Room
Quick Delivery

We will deliver in 2- 3 weeks after your order is placed.

Turnkey Setup

On the delivery day, our setup team will  make sure your entire home is set up according to your design.

Move-In Kit
Move-In Kit

We also offer a move-in kit that includes all the kitchen essentials and bedding to make your home move-in ready. 

About Furnishr

We believe every home can be beautiful without breaking the bank. We realized the high cost of furniture and the inconvenience of designing and logistics are annoying challenges for most people moving in a new place. 

We are a diverse group of people with the singular mission of making every home beautiful conveniently and affordably.  

Furnishing a home can be enjoyable and effortless