Couples Moving in Together: Adjusting his Style to Fit Yours

Couples that have different tastes in styling often have clashes of opinion when it comes to moving in together.  Adjusting his style to fit yours is often complicated. Many of whom just want a space to display their belongings, making the home feel comfortable and familiar. Whilst others just want equal space in the closet and bathroom cupboards. Compromising and understanding the other person leads to a happier relationship whilst creating a space that happily reflects the two of you as a couple.


There are ways that you can have what you both want but compromising – if he wants his gaming console in the lounge then you are allowed to place a nice vase of flowers.

Key Pieces

Choose a few key pieces to display that you can both agree on and that matches your combined style. This will allow you to each feel represented in the home equally, create comfort and openness.


Your own Space

You can choose to have your own room, office, corner or it may be something as simple as a shelf in the bookcase. This your area to enjoy and style as you wish. This can be a “man cave” or a relaxing room for a woman to enjoy her latest magazine with a coffee. Or it can be a bookcase either side of the TV that is for each of you to place belongings.


Shared Space

With main areas of the house such as the lounge room, dining and kitchen keep things that represent both of you. If one of you has the majority of furniture you can include your partner in the decision process of adjusting the placement of furniture. They could add soft furnishings of their choosing. Alternatively, you can go shopping together and select new furniture that you both agree upon.

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Room Equity

Ensure your partner has adequate space for their belongings as it makes them feel welcome and part of your life. This means sharing closet space, cabinet space in the bathroom, space in the kitchen for food and appliances. Additionally allowing space to be shared for larger furniture items.

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