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How It Works - Time Saving


According to studies, most people spend an average of 79 days doing online research before making a purchase and the total room price costs 35% more than Furnishr.



Frequently Asked Questions



1. Do you ship outside of New York?

We're based in New York but we can ship across all of Canada and the USA (except for Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Terrirotires and Nunavut). So even if you're in a small town, we got you covered.

2. If I order today, how long does it take to get my room?

It takes about 5 to 15 business days to get your room in major cities, and 10-20 business days to smaller cities.

3. Do you assemble the furniture?

Absolutely. We unpack and assemble every piece of furniture on site at your home. This is one of the key benefits of choosing Furnishr. Save time and sweat buying and MAKING the furniture. And of course, we'll clean up all the mess too.

4. Do all the furniture arrive on the same day?

Yes all the furniture will arrive on the same day so that our professional movers who are also the assemblers can assemble all the furniture and set up the entire room for you.

5. How long do you need to set up the room?

We're fast but don't always perform miracles. That said, our superb teams can put together a room in about 45-90 minutes. That's about how long it takes Mike to put together a TV stand (yes, we've timed it).

6. I'm not moving for another 5 weeks. Can I still schedule in a delivery?

Yes indeed you can still schedule a delivery! In fact, you can schedule deliveries up to 10 weeks away.

7. I still have some old pieces of furniture. Do you have programs that buy back these pieces?

We don't remove old furniture ourselves but have a partner that will help move and sell your furniture. We actually have a program with them that will help you sell your furniture and help you get the new rooms you were looking for!

8. Do you hang the paintings too?

Sorry, we don't hang any paintings at this time. We do however unwrap and remove all of the packaging from the paintings as well as the furniture.


9. Do you offer financing or recurring payment options?

We accept PayPal payments so you can use PayPal Credits to finance the purchase from Furnishr. It is interest-free for the first 6 months.

To pay with PayPal, simply click on the X click but6 button to be directed to the PayPal login page. Log in with your PayPal account that is linked to PayPal Credit and select the PayPal Credit line to pay for the order.



10. I don't want everything in the room package. Can I change it?

Definitely. Go to the room that you want to change (example) and click on the 'Learn More' button in the 4. Customize Package section to tell us what you want and don't want.

11. Can I see the furniture in person?

We have a showroom in Toronto at FIT FACTORY FITNESS, 373 KING ST. WEST, FL. 2, TORONTO, ON. M5V 1K1. You will see a small selections of furniture there. We plan to open more showrooms in other major cities in the near future.

12. Where do you source the furniture?

The simple answer is everywhere. We work directly with manufacturers and suppliers around the world to get you high value, quality products that we stand behind.


13. What if I want to return some of the items only? How much will I get?

We are confident in our products. However, if you are not happy with all the items, simply email us which pieces you want to return or exchange within 10 days after the delivery, we will refund the appropriate portion of the package price.


14. How much am I saving by buying from Furnishr?

There isn't a simple way to answer this as we not only help you save on the product, we save you a lot of time, energy, and frustration with the entire process.

We source directly from manufacturers and suppliers which means we maximize the savings for our customers. And then there is the time that we save for you. This time includes: researching, travelling and visiting multiple stores, paying and waiting for multiple delivery services, as well as assembling each piece of furniture. If you add up the hours you spend doing this, we save you a lot more than just the package price. We help you save TIME. We think that's much more valuable. Don't you?