Making Your Home Guest-Friendly

Making Your Home Guest-Friendly

When you have a furnished home, you can start enjoying living in this space. More excitingly, you can start hosting friends and families and let them admire your stylish taste. While it is important to have furniture in every room to make the home functional, there are plenty of hosting tips to make your home comfortable for your guests too. Whether your guests are visiting for the afternoon, or even staying for a couple nights, there are different areas to add your thoughtful touches to show your appreciation for your guests. This blog is our guide to help you make hosting fun and stress free. 

First Impression: Clean And Clear Entryway

As soon as you open the door for your guests, the foyer or entryway area makes the very first impression. Having a clean and clear open space for them to step into will give them a few relaxed minutes to admire the interior design from that area and remove coats and shoes to get comfortable. a group of people gather in a living room and chat

In this entryway area, having an obvious space for guests to know where to stow their shoes, coat, and bag will also relax you as the host. Add a coat rack or shoe bin right by your front door is an easy way to visibly guide people towards the right thing to do. Help them feel at home by having a clear place for their things.

Some people like to post a fun sign. Signs are a great way to communicate with guests, and they can save you the time and energy (and sometimes awkwardness) of asking guests to remove their shoes or hang their coats. 

Bathroom Access: Straightforward

You don’t need a label on your bathroom like a restaurant, but a fun quirk way to guide or hint your guests to the bathroom makes staying in your space enjoyable and fun. What’s more important is actually to steer them away from rooms that you don’t want them walking into. After all, who hasn’t been that person wandering around, looking for the bathroom and praying you don’t open the wrong door?

If you are into fun signage, look for something discreet. It should be something you won’t get annoyed looking at every day. Or something artsy, like a poem or sketch about the fabulous joys of taking a bath.

In the bathroom, another great tip is to keep a collection of travel-sized toiletries. When you’re having people over, it’s easy to swap out your regular soap for a fresh, guest-friendly one. You can also set out a set of shampoo and conditioner with their towels, which helps them to not use yours!

WiFi: Don't Make Them Ask

a wood desk with laptop and salt lamp and plantDisplaying your WiFi code is not just a tip for Airbnb hosts! This is the ultimate way to make your place guest-friendly. It’s kind to help your guests conserve their data usage, especially if they’re coming over to work on a project with you. But for overnight visitors, it is absolutely essential that they know how to access the Internet.

Plus, WiFi networks and passwords can be a fun opportunity to share your personality! It’s fun when a visitor can guess the name of your network based on your interests. So write out and frame your network and password, and mount it in your living room somewhere obvious.

Food & Drink: Stage with Style

Keep some cans of sparkling water in your fridge, and buy a few bags of chips or trail mix to store in the back of the cupboard. You can easily offer these to your guests as soon as they arrive. Additionally, this is a great trick for unexpected guests. While they’re sitting down and sipping on their drink, you can subtly dash into the bathroom to wipe down the sink.

Another way to add a special touch is to use uniquely shaped plates and serving dishes. You can find lots of options at the thrift store — look for the long-narrow appetizer trays often donated by catering companies, or wood cutting boards. A little staging goes a long way to making whatever food you have on hand look special.

Sleepovers: Adult-Friendly Version

Bedroom with towels on bed

If you have a small apartment, having sleepovers may be challenging to figure out how to provide a second bed, a set of bed linens and towels, and create room for your guest’s belongings without totally destroying your living room. Lots of people use futons or sofa beds, of course, which can be a couch during the day and a bed at night. A nifty idea is to apply smart glass film to the windows in your guest’s area. This way, they can control the flow of daylight.

But our best tips for overnight guests involve clever storage. An ottoman with storage provides the perfect way to add extra seating to your living room while also stowing guest linens invisibly inside. Similarly, if you can spare the space, it’s really lovely to be able to offer your guests part of an empty console or bureau in the living room to store their items.

This tip works in the bathroom too. By using containers in your bathroom, you can easily gather up your own stuff and set out an empty container for your guest’s items.

Your Own Stuff: Quick Storage

Finally, our best tip for making your one-bedroom guest-friendly is to have quick storage options around for all your own stuff. This way, whether you have lots of notice, or none at all, you can use your baskets or crates to quickly contain your mess and tidy up, leaving more space for your guest to feel at home.

Guests generally care more about the cleanliness of the room and bathroom more than anything else! Don’t sweat! Check out our cleaning guide for guests.

There you go! We hope these tips are useful for making your one-bedroom space more guest-friendly.

Just remember, most people aren’t coming over to inspect your house, they’re coming over to hang out with you. Being present with your guests and checking in about their needs are the simplest ways to be a good host, no matter the size of your home.

Happy hosting!

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