Multi-Bedroom Large Houses

Pam's Luxury Vacation Rental

Project Purpose: Short-term rental
Delivery Lead Time: 4 weeks
Rooms: 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, recreation area, patio
Number Of Items: 56
Project Cost: $35K

Furnishr helped us furnish our whole secondary home. Trying to furnish a home remotely would have been very difficult without the help of Furnishr. The coordination of the full process of design, purchase, movers, install and removal of packing materials was done professionally and with a personal touch. Communication from its operations and design departments was exceptional. I would recommend Furnishr for anyone looking to just spruce up a home to furnishing a whole home. Thank you Furnishr I could not have done this without you!

Furnishr Design Proposal Example
Vacation Home in Tybee Island - Empty living room
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Project Purpose: Luxury Vacation Home
Delivery Lead Time: 2 weeks
Rooms: 4 bedrooms, 1 studio suite, living room, library, dining room, second living room
Number Of Items: 55 + decor
Project Cost: $48K

It’s amazing that I got to be so hands-off in the moving and delivery of furniture.

Alex's Co-Living Home

Brooklyn, NY

Project Purpose: Co-living House for Young Professionals
Delivery Lead Time: 2 weeks
Rooms: 9 bedrooms, living room, work / dining area, 2 kitchens
Number Of Items: 68 + decor
Project Cost: $21K

Before photo - Alex living area

Wow the place looks great! The furniture and decor all look very nice. People will definitely enjoy living here!

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