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Airbnb Hosts’ Furnishing Checklist to Reach Top Search Listing

If you’re thinking of renting out a home or property you own as a short-term vacation rental on Airbnb or other home-sharing platforms, you’re probably wondering how you can set up the space in the best possible way to attract airbnb guests and impress them when they arrive. But furnishing a home for short-term rentals isn’t always simple. There are more factors to consider than just style. That’s because the needs of a weekend visitor might be different than someone living at a property full-time. You also need to account for a wide range of tastes. You might love creative touches like hot-pink wallpaper, but you’re less likely to attract a large number of guests with unique choices like that.

The most vital are of all when furnishing your Airbnb is the living room. This is where your guests will spend much of their time during the day, and its crucial that you nail the décor and functionality of the space. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most important elements of an effective Airbnb living area.

What’s the easiest way to get an Airbnb unit ready?

Hire help! Most Airbnb hosts are part-time hosts. If you’re to do everything yourself, your time spent on finding everything and coordinating the logistics may end up costing you more. Check out our guide for the cost of furnishing an apartment to see whether your time is worth the work.

Or you can let us furnish the whole unit for you in a single day. No need to take days off to wait for deliveries. Just submit a design request, and our designer will send you a proposal with a few designs for all the rooms in your unit. 

Start Design Request

Don’t forget to ask about the move-in kit! It will include all the kitchen essentials (pots and pans, utensils, cookware, flatware, etc.), beddings and towels for your guests. It will get your guest move-in ready!

Airbnb Furnishing Checklist

Assuming you’re managing the furnishing yourself, here are the key tips to be keep in mind.

Avoiding Clutter

One of the challenges of furnishing an Airbnb is that you have to balance two distinct needs—providing enough furniture and seating to serve your guests, while also avoiding a cluttered and overly compressed vibe in your living area.

Victorian house with contemporary living room

That’s why it’s key to choose furniture that’s efficient in its use of space and also provides a clean, somewhat minimalist appeal. That’s especially important when you consider that short-term travelers are often laden with luggage and other items that will be spread throughout the house during their stay. If the home is cluttered before they even arrive, then it’s only going to be downhill from there.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture goes a long way in determining how successful and appealing your living space will be. Not only should it be stylish and visually appealing, but it needs to also provide everything your guests will need for a comfortable space during their stay.

Modern dining room in a vintage brownstone home

Keep in mind that while choosing unique and character-rich furniture can give your Airbnb a unique, quirky vibe, that direction can sometimes backfire. The more distinctive your style, the greater the likelihood that certain guests who don’t share your sensibility will be turned off by your choices. Your safest bet is to choose restrained but still stylish and contemporary pieces for the living space. That way you have the best chance of appealing to a wider range of guests.


When it comes to living room seating, remember that providing ample seating space while leaving enough space in the room is vital. It’s a careful balance that will require you to get a little creative with your sofa and chair selection. We recommend going for a two-piece set as opposed to a sectional, as this is more flexible and allows for pieces to be moved to adjust the space.

Living room with sectional, colorful rug and colorful wall arts

If you do want to go for a sectional sofa, ensure that you choose one with the right arrangement for your unique space. For example, your living area might be suited for a sectional where the point of the L-shape is on the right, as opposed to on the left. Ideally, you can choose a sectional that can be adapted and rearranged if you find that a certain arrangement isn’t working for your Airbnb.

We definitely recommend considering a pull-out sofa bed. Adding another sleeping option allows you to list additional sleep allocations on your Airbnb listing and bump up your price.

Tables & Surfaces

Providing enough areas for dining, playing games and other activities is absolutely crucial. When choosing how much table area and seating to provide, think about the maximum amount of guests your Airbnb can hold. If it only sleeps 4, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to provide dining space for eight guests at a time. You don’t want to overcrowd your space with an unnecessarily large table.

In regards to choosing the right table shape, we suggest taking a page from King Arthur’s book. Circular tables can be the most space-efficient, removing angular corners that can cut into pathways and living space. That doesn’t mean that square or rectangular tables are off-limits—they might be better suited for your space than a circular table. But if space is at a premium, a circular table can be a great way to offer ample seating without commanding a large area of floor space. Circular tables are also a more casual option than rectangular tables, perfect for the board game sessions and hang-outs that are a hallmark of most Airbnb stays.

furnished living room and kitchen


Consider mounting the living room television directly to the wall rather than using an entertainment console or other TV stand. This will keep you from taking up more space than is necessary for your television, and also adds a high-class vibe to your living room. There are two types of mounts to consider—fixed or adjustable. Fixed mounts keep the television in a set position that can’t be altered by you or your guests. An adjustable mount can be turned rotated, and adjusted for the perfect viewing angle. Adjustable mounts are obviously more flexible, and can allow your guests to view the television clearly from various spots in your rental. That being said, it’s no surprise that an adjustable TV stand invites guests to adjust it. They might not all be as delicate and respectful as you, and this could result in damage to your mount or the television itself. 

If you do opt for an entertainment console, choose one with opaque doors that will let you hide away electronics and other peripherals to avoid clutter.

As far as the TV itself, there’s no need to go for a mega-huge option. But guests will also be turned off if all you offer is a 12” tube TB from 1995. Nice, relatively large digital TVs are fairly cheap these days.

Should you opt for a more common (and inexpensive) LED TV or a 4K Ultra High-Def option? That’s your call. Personally, considering how impressive even mid-range LED TVs have become, we’re not sure springing for a more expensive 4K option will be worth the cost for you or your guests. But that’s a call you’ll have to make on a case-by-case basis.

Couple watching a movie
Back view of couple watching wildlife movie on television in living room

The Power of Multi-Purpose Pieces

Designing an Airbnb with limited space is all about finding the best way to maximize the floor area. That’s why we love adjustable and multi-purpose furniture. If you choose options that provide multiple arrangements or uses while still remaining stylish and contemporary, you’ll be rewarded with a more spacious, appealing Airbnb that will land you more guests.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common multipurpose furniture items and how you can use them to expand your living room space (as well as other spaces in the home) for maximum appeal.

Daybed with Storage

If you don’t opt for a pull-out sofa, a daybed with storage can be a great alternative. A comfortable seating option by day and an additional place to sleep by night, some Airbnbs feature daybeds in their living rooms in lieu of sofas. They also offer the added benefit of providing storage in drawers or shelves underneath, increasing the flexibility of your space and reducing clutter throughout the home.

A daybed is worth considering for a living room space, particularly if you’re in an area that caters frequently to large groups and you want to absolutely max out the amount of guests who can sleep in your rental.

Pull-Out Couch

We already mentioned this above so we won’t go into too much more detail. However, it’s worth mentioning that not all pull-out furniture is created equal. Many lower-end models leave you with a poorly constructed sofa and a poorly constructed bed in one. If you do go for a sleeper sofa, choose one that rates highly in comfort both in sofa-mode and once it transitions into a bed. Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements can lead to poor guest reviews and decreases in bookings.

Extendable Table

Whether it’s a coffee table or dining table located in the living room, choosing extendable surfaces is a great way to maximize the available space. Some feature side ‘leaves’ that fold out from under the table and lock in place. Others use sliding pieces to extend smoothly from below, and still others are actually two separate pieces. These are designed so that the slightly smaller table can fit under the other when not in use, but then spread out for additional space when necessary. This can be a very flexible and helpful factor in making the most of your living space for your guests.

Moveable Surfaces

Speaking of flexibility, choosing surfaces with wheels or ones that are lightweight enough to be easily moved can greatly increase convenience for your guests. When they have the ability to quickly move a table aside or arrange seating around a board game or other activity, your guests will feel more at home in your rental. Using furniture with wheels will also help prevent scraping and scratching on your floor.

Living room with white walls, grey sofa, wooden coffee table and butterfly chair

Extra Tips to Consider

We’ve covered some of the considerations for maximizing your space and providing an effective, homey and stylish Airbnb. But let’s take a quick look at some additional last-minute tips that will help your living space translate into more bookings, higher income, and less costs down the road. You’ll find that expending just a little thought towards these tips and some of those listed above will absolutely transform the appeal and profitability of your Airbnb in a way you never thought possible. 


This tip is more for your sake than the sake of your guests. Choose furniture that’s rated highly for washability. Selecting high-end fabric that are impossible to safely clean will leave you with a lot of expensive, poor-looking furniture after just a few guests. Remember—wear and tear on your furniture will be higher with guests than if you were living in the unit yourself. Stick to washable, easily cleaned fabrics to make your life easier.


Along those same lines, we recommend choosing furniture that’s built to last. While you might feel thrifty by choosing cheap furniture with a low-end price tag, you’re likely to end up paying down the road when the furniture breaks down more quickly. Replacing furniture should not be a regular part of your routine as an Airbnb host. Opt for quality and you’ll be rewarded with a low-maintenance living space.

Neutral vs. Unique

We touched on this a bit already, but let’s talk about style. Balancing the level of personal touches in an Airbnb is a delicate art, one that many hosts have a hard time mastering. You might absolutely love the quirky appeal of your armchair shaped like a swan—but many of your guests may not feel the same. That being said, you don’t have to erase any semblance of uniqueness or personality from your unit altogether.

book a design call and your room could look like this

We recommend striking a balance. For major furniture items like sofas, coffee tables, and major wall art, try to stick to universally appealing, current and modern styles. But you can then feel free to season the rental with small, unique touches that will allude to the owner’s personality without it becoming overpowering. A good rule of thumb—if you’re not sure whether a piece of furniture item is too strange for your rental, it probably is.

Photo Factor

When you visit a rental listing on Airbnb, what’s the very first thing you do? If you’re like most potential guests, you scroll through photos of the unit. And the living room where you’ll spend most of your time in the unit is at the top of your mind.

That’s why it’s vital to choose furniture that not only looks good in person, but also photographs well in your space. A photogenic listing is absolutely vital to securing guests. We recommend trying different furniture arrangements and taking photos as you go. You might find that something which feels right in person might not translate as well to a photograph. In that case, you may want to consider a new arrangement or removing/swapping a certain item in the living space.

Bright colored Persian rug

Key Take-Away Points

Overall, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of your living room or living space when it comes to attracting guests and impress them once they arrive. Keep the space clutter free, implement multi-purpose or adjustable furniture, and keep quirky or personal touches to a minimum while sticking to primarily neutral and contemporary furniture choices. This will allow you to achieve great reviews and hopefully, your investment home will be fully booked per month!

Feel overwhelmed by the thought of furnishing your rental yourself? You can always hire a professional furnishing company to handle the entire process on your behalf. An experienced furnishing organization will analyze your unique space, target guests, and budget, then impeccably decorate and furnish your listing to maximize bookings and boost your list price. Read about how Jason was able to boost his nightly rates.

Don’t do it yourself. Furnish your space in a day with Furnishr.

We’ve furnished many short-term rental homes in cities and by the beaches. The decor and furniture in a unit need to complement the style of the home and the neighborhood it is in. If the unit is in a city, use more contemporary finishes with wall arts that speak to the culture of the city and the host. This shows a personal touch for a city-loving guest. If the unit is a cottage get-away, then mixing different styles of furniture tastefully is the way to go. 

Furnish Your Airbnb Now

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Design Tips

What is Minimalist Home Design and How to Achieve It

To understand minimalism in interior design, we must first understand it as a lifestyle. Minimalism means living with only the bare essentials, decluttering your space, and leading a peaceful and simple life. Nowadays, consumerism has led us to believe that acquiring more items will lead to happiness and satisfaction, but Minimalists believe in the opposite; that a clutter-free home will set the tone for a relaxing and free lifestyle.

Similarly, these attributes can be applied to interior design and furniture. Minimalist furnishings call for muted tones, spacious layouts, and simple designs. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your home to adapt to a minimalist style.

Minimalist Home Living Space

The first piece of advice you will see on any post about minimalism will tell you to get rid of the clutter you don’t need anymore. Your surroundings have a greater effect on your mental well-being than you think. Imagine coming home after a long day of work only to see a pile of clothing setting on your unkept bed. You may feel uncomfortable or filled with frustration about the disorganization. Those pair of jeans haven’t been worn in years; perhaps it’s time to purge and organize your closet.


Start by emptying out the boxes at the back of your closet that you haven’t opened in so long. Do you really need that shirt you wore once to a party two years ago? What about the pile of old magazines sitting in your basement? A good rule of thumb is to donate or throw away anything you haven’t used in a year. Additionally, try to ensure you have other items stored out of sight to create more space in your home.

If you’re moving and plan on redesigning a new apartment entirely from scratch, you may also want to decide which furniture to bring when you relocate. Once you do this, you will feel your space clear up significantly, which is the first step to adopting a minimalist style.

Tones and Textures

When becoming a minimalist, it is important to color coordinate your home to reflect calmness. The use of sporadic pops of color can be fun but does not give you the desired minimalistic effect. Bright shades of yellow or a fiery red can also be a distraction. Thus, using neutrals, pastels, and earth tones are the best.

Start with a base color such as white or light beige, and layer it with complementary shades like subtle grays, pale blues, or dark greens. The key is to pick 3-4 different colors and keep them consistent to prevent too much noise and contrast. You can also try something like smart glass film on your windows, which allows you to forgo bulky curtains and have a sleek minimalist look.

But with such similar tones, how do we keep it from getting too bland?

This is where the magic of texture comes in. Matching similar colors with different materials adds interest to the eye. For example, the pairing of the dark gray bed with the light gray rug in the picture below keeps the presence of the color from getting boring. Although the color palette is more muted, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with the textures.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a very important part of a minimalist home interior design, giving the room a warm and inviting tone. Although it’s definitely difficult to change the size of your windows, you can still allow the sun rays to seep in by using light curtains or none at all in common space areas such as the dining or living room. The sunlight combined with your clean space will create the illusion of openness with the added benefit of looking like a bigger space.

Artificial Lighting

The use of lighting is still necessary when the sun comes down. After all, we are not nocturnal animals with night-vision. When LED lights are needed, it’s best to keep things simple. Rather than going for a crazy art piece or placing a clunky lamp at the corner of the room, try to find lights with a simpler silhouette. Even bare lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling correspond to a minimalist design.

Overall, minimalism is a very powerful movement that has influenced the lives of many for the better. After all, who doesn’t want to come home to an uncluttered and tranquil space to unwind? Try out these tips to adopt this life-changing style into your home and comment down below how minimalism or interior design has impacted your lifestyle.

>> Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about the health and wellness benefits of interior design, read our next article on the impacts of feng shui.

Design Tips

Living Room Ideas for a More Functional Home

When you move into a new home or relocate your home, you want to ensure your house can function all your daily needs and workflow. Keep reading for THREE easy tips and living room ideas on how to make your living room beautiful and functional.


Couple watching a movie

Keep Necessary, Wipe Away Unnecessary

When a home is cluttered and unorganized, it’s hard to get anything done. 


 “LESS is MORE” is a concept originated by Mies van der Rohe, and it’s main idea is simplicity. As you start to wipe away what you don’t need, your mind becomes clear. Indeed, you will actually become more efficient than before!

Keeping a clean-up schedule will help keep your home fresh. In addition, if there are two people in the house, a clean-up routine becomes even more essential. You can take a fun perspective on this, and debate over things you do not want to keep. Moreover, you can always sell unnecessary furniture or clothes to a flea market and earn some pocket money. If you have kids, this can be a great way to get them involved and educate them about finances.

When you go out and shop for your house, keep in mind what is a need vs. what is nice to have. 

Don’t let your house become one big storage warehouse! You should minimize your needs and maximize your space. DO NOT BUY IMPULSIVELY. A clean space makes you more productive, we promise!

Cleaning Supplies


Multi-Functional Space

Storage is a primary consideration when designing a living room. It always seems like we never have enough storage space. But here’s a way to solve this. 

Multi-functional furniture utilizes space maximally. If you have furniture that can be rearranged or that serves multiple purposes, this can help you freshen up your space regularly. Ottomans can have hidden storage containers, for example. Vertical storage like bookshelves are a great way to keep clutter off the floor.

Here are some tips for creating a multi-functional space:

1. Use your corners

Corners are usually wasted space. But there are so many clever corner storage solutions available! There are triangle-shaped corner shelves that can display knick knacks safely. You could install a small sliding closet unit to store a broom and mop. When you start looking for ways to use your corners for storage, you’ll start to see how clean your space could be.

2. Utilize your ceiling space

Ceiling space can store stuff you do not use frequently. There are less pretty ways to do this, like hanging storage in a garage. But in a living room, you could look for a way to aesthetically display some of your favorite books or collections on a high up shelf. Hanging plants from the ceiling is a great way to make your living room feel more inviting and functional.

3. Sleek cabinets

Sleek cabinets make your home look elegant. Whether it’s your TV cabinet or a side console, you should look for elegant cabinets to use in your living room. Something reflective can be a good choice, because it helps create the appearance of a larger space and reflects light.

4. Look for dual functionality of space

Double functions of a single space will increase your usability of the living room. Why not a living room that’s also a dining room? Or a playroom? Or even a guest room, if you have a sofa bed couch? When you can have a multi-functional room, you can fit more activities inside the same size house. All without creating more clutter or needing more furniture.

Dining room with wooden chairs, black console table and gold starburst mirror


Nice Movement Flow

Your habits are the most important part of a home. So if you’re not the sort of person who will rearrange furniture, then don’t buy anything that requires it! If you like having a separate office space, then make sure you carve out a special nook away from the living room to store your laptop.

Movement flow is all about choosing furniture that works together. Your furniture and layout should support your habits (and your personality!). Soft, round edges can make a space feel comfortable and welcoming. On the other hand, sharp hard edges feel professional and mature. Think about how your layout can support your daily activities, and look for furniture that matches.

Additionally, color is a crucial design element for living rooms

Your living room is a balance of excitement and relaxation – sometimes you want to watch the football game, and sometimes you want to have a glass of wine with your partner. So, you should choose a color that balances these moods. Don’t choose fire engine red because you’ll find it difficult to relax! You only need to choose a basic color tone for your room. You can then create accents by using decorations of complementary colors. Once you pick your color scheme, you can also play with different textures or materials. 

At the end of the day, there is inspiration to be found everywhere!

Try looking at our look book for living room inspiration. Or search ‘living room ideas’ on Pinterest to look for layouts and color schemes that make you feel good. 

If you need some expert help, you can always book a free design consultation call with one of our designers. They’ll give you some quick tips for transforming your living room. 

Happy furnishing!