6 Easy Ways to Handle a Cross-Country Move Like a Boss

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You’re about to move across the country! And with our help, you’re gonna handle this like a boss. You got this. Here are our Furnishr’s top six tips for an easy, breezy, beautiful moving process. 1. Ignore unhelpful backseat drivers. This is your time, your move! Your mom and your best friend may have their own opinions, but it’s time for you to step into the driver’s seat. You need to decide which apartment to rent, which movers to hire,Read More

The 9 Worst Office Furnishing Trends (and How To Do It Better)

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You’ve probably heard about the offices at Google and Facebook. They’re magical places full of good food, nooks for collaboration, and games to play when the coding gets tough. We can’t all work in startup offices. So let’s look and learn from the best office furnishing trends. But first, a question that needs to be answered once and for all: DO open offices really work? If you ask Mark Zuckerberg or Frank Gehry, you’ll hear that open offices are the wayRead More

The Health & Wellness Benefits of Good Interior Design

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Here’s a shocking statistic:  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that we spend around 90% of our lives indoors. If you think about this, 90% makes sense. Most of us sleep eight hours at home, work eight hours at the office, and otherwise hang out at home, at someone else’s home, or in a restaurant or some other building. Air quality, objects of beauty — there are so many ways that a room can affect us. The quality of indoor environmentsRead More

8 Surprisingly Fresh Furnishing Trends from the 1970s

Macrame is the Trojan horse that brought 1970s design trends back into style in 2019. And if you don’t know what we’re on about, go look at the window display of any Urban Outfitters or search for “living room decor” on Pinterest. All caught up? But seriously, design is a reflection of culture. In many ways the 1970s could be easily mistaken for today: a time of Black power, women’s rights, and global demonstrations for peace and equality. Back then,Read More

How to Pick Art That Matches Your Furniture

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This article is co-presented with Artichoke Art, “Match Makers for Your Walls.” If you’re googling about picking artwork for your home, then you probably fall into one of two categories. Either your walls are way too bare, or they’re covered with outdated and generic artwork that just doesn’t represent you anymore! So, how do you go about picking art that matches you and matches your furnishings? We’ve collected a few questions to get you started. You could start by taking Artichoke’s quick quiz,Read More

What Interior Design Consultants Know That You Don’t

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Over the last two decades, popular design trends have shifted, moving away from faux DIY chic towards sleek and authentic. After all, the year 2000 was twenty years ago! Much has changed, especially when it comes to how people choose to design their homes. You may think you have the necessary skills for picking out your own furnishings. But you might not know certain things that only a trained interior design consultant would know. So, when is it sensible to hireRead More