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How to Adjust His Decorating Style to Fit Yours

Clashing Interior Design Styles

Couples that have different tastes in decorating style often have clashing opinions when it comes to moving in together.  Adjusting his style to fit yours is often complicated. Many of whom just want a space to display their belongings, making the home feel comfortable and familiar. Whilst others just want equal space in the closet and bathroom cupboards. Compromising and understanding the other person leads to a happier relationship and creates a space that happily reflects the two of you as a couple. Here are some tips on how to incorporate both partners decorating style in a shared space.

1. Compromise

When you become accustomed to living alone, you can adopt bad living habits that you didn’t realize were there. Now that you have a new roommate, it is time to understand that your partner might not be as understanding when you take up all the bookshelf space or sprawl out all your favorite magazines on the coffee table. He might want to display his favorite souvenirs or books in the room too. There are ways that you can have what you both want through compromising – if he wants his gaming console in the lounge then you are allowed to place a nice vase of flowers. This type of thinking allows you to prevent disagreements and allows each partner to display their own unique style.

Couple assembling furniture together
Couple Putting Together Self Assembly Furniture In New Home

Key Decorating Pieces

living spaces with decorating style

Choose a few key pieces to display that you can both agree on and that matches your combined style. This will allow you to each feel represented in the home equally, create comfort and openness. Try to be open-minded and understand why their piece is important to your partner.

Your Own Styled Space

living space decorating style - gray

Although having a shared space can be nice, everyone needs their own personal space. At the end of the day, we all have our own unique styles. Some are into contemporary design or mid-century modern styling, maybe an industrial style or rustic style, and others might enjoy a modern design or a French country vibe. We all have our own design elements or color palettes that we like to stick to.

Try to incorporate spaces within the house that are for you only, and the same goes for your partner. You can choose to have your own room, office, corner or it may be something as simple as a shelf in the bookcase. This your area to enjoy and style as you wish.

This can be a “man cave” or a relaxing room for a woman to enjoy her latest magazine with a coffee. Or it can be a bookcase either side of the TV that is for each of you to place belongings.

Shared Decorated Space

With main areas of the house such as the living room, dining and kitchen keep things that represent both of you. If one of you has the majority of furniture you can include your partner in the decision process of adjusting the placement of furniture. They could add soft furnishings of their choosing.

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Alternatively, you can go shopping together and select new furniture that you both agree upon. Flea markets are great places to thrift for ‘new’ furniture if you are looking for something cost-friendly. You can also consider picking neutral colors if you are having difficulties selecting furnishings.

Couple’s Room Equity

Bedroom decoration styleEnsure your partner has adequate space for their belongings as it makes them feel welcome and part of your life. This means sharing closet space, cabinet space in the bathroom, space in the kitchen for food and appliances. Additionally allowing space to be shared for larger furniture items.

>> Let us know down below your first experience moving-in with your partner. How did you handle conflicting decor styles and sharing personal space?

Design Tips

Design Your Own Room for Entertaining

Having a proper entertainment space is an essential element of a home, especially for new graduates. These are some tips on how to design your own room to be the optimal space for entertaining family and friends.

Which room, which layout?

Open living dining rooms in grey and white

A living room is a space that is frequently used for hosting guests. However, televisions have become less trendy in the living room and are being replaced by projectors or home theatres.

If you’re looking for ideas to create a room for entertaining, why not create a home theatre? If you have a room with a great sound environment and space for a large screen, you could set up an area for enjoying movies or music with comfortable seating. Even a small living room layout can make space for a great home theatre.

The kitchen is another top choice for entertaining friends and family. Open kitchen spaces have become more and more popular. A kitchen island is a great way to make your kitchen guest-friendly. A major benefit of an open layout is that you can host more people because you have more space for entertaining.

Additionally, a changeable layout or rearrangeable style of furniture can help you create different styles of space for different types of parties or events.

Consider how you can design your own room to maximize space and flexibility.

Set the mood for entertaining

a group of people gather in a living room and chat

New graduates want to enjoy their entertaining life! The mood is a priority consideration.

A welcoming setting can make people feel more comfortable when a party is on. How you arrange your seating or furniture will have a powerful effect on the mood. Try to arrange your seating options in small groupings that are open to the rest of the room.

If you are going to design your own room for entertaining, there is one more essential you need: music! Good sound systems are not too difficult to find nor too expensive. Look for a bluetooth speaker and locate it centrally in your living room. There are lots of cool apps that allow guests to share DJ responsibilities and suggest songs.

In conclusion,

Focus on the flexibility and arrangement of your furniture first. This is the key to creating a great room for entertaining.

If you need help to design your own room, start with a style quiz or a free consultation with an interior designer. They can help you look at your specific layout and make suggestions.

And if you’re on a budget, then read about how to refresh your room for less. You got this.

Happy entertaining!

Furnishing 101

New Home New City. Explore And Make It Yours.

Moving to a new city is both exciting and intimidating. However, it is less intimidating when you have the right tips for getting to know your city and settling into your new home.


Here’s a simple guide to exploring your new city.

1. Sightseeing

Crossing off all the sights is the best way to learn about the history and the new developments of your city. Don’t be ashamed to be a tourist! You’re new here, after all.

A woman wearing a maroon sweater on a balcony holds a camera. The city is visible behind her.

See and experience the beauty and wonder of what it has to offer before you start your new adventure. We often get so busy that we cannot take the time during the working week to explore our city so make sure to stop and pose for a selfie along the way. This will allow you to appreciate the joy for years to come.

2. To map or not to map?

Prefer a set of clear directions on where to go?  Then a map will definitely be beneficial for you.

A woman looks down at a map and leans against the hood of a car.If you are the type of person who enjoys spontaneity and are prepared to find your own way home then the freedom to roam will make your senses come to life. Become informed before setting out on your journey, know the areas or neighborhoods to avoid and ensure that you respect local rules and customs.

3. Walk and talk

A man and woman at an outdoor flower market.

The best way to find the hidden gems in your city is to walk and talk to the locals. Walking allows you to open the senses and stumble along hidden places that are not always accessible by transport. Talking with the locals can expose you to the best the city has to offer, including stuff that may not be on any map or tourist brochure.

4. Explore with a goal

A table in a coffee shop has a pink rose in a vase.

Have a goal in mind before setting about your exploration. Perhaps it is a hunt for the best burger or where to get your morning coffee fix on your way to work. This gives you a sense of purpose and you can still feel accomplished should your time be limited. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, flat shoes and cash (for all of the coffee). You’ll get to know a new city in no time this way!

5. Shopping

A woman is grocery shopping. She wears a yellow t-shirt and beige jacket and a face mask. She is holding a citrus fruit.

Map out the nearest shopping places and store the locations on your phone. This makes them quicker to find and helps you feel more confident in your new city sooner. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the grocery store or buy items that make your house feel more like home. There’s no faster way to get to know a new city than finding your favorite grocery story.

Your Home, Your Way

Not only are you in a new city, but you’re living in a totally new apartment or house. It’s important to spend some time and energy making your new place feel like home.


Here’s how you can start making your house a home quickly.

1. The importance of your new home

Styled bookcase


While being connected in the world is exciting, it is also important to have a place that is private and peaceful. Home is that place. Your home does far more than just shelter you from the elements. It is the place that can change and grow with you, accommodating your needs and the way you like to enjoy life. By creating a space of enjoyment, peace, fun for yourself, you are taking a major step towards creating the life and environment of your dreams. Your home, your way.

2. Design inspiration

There are so many ways you could decorate your new home! It’s exciting — but it can also get overwhelming quickly. The best way to gain insight and find the latest interior design trends is by searching on Pinterest, Instagram, or reading interior design magazines. If you are not the DIY type, then bring some inspiration images to an interior designer for help manifesting your vision.


Bedroom with towels on bed

3. Furnishing quickly

If you move without big furniture items, then you are probably facing a long and drawn out search for new furniture. Just imagine all the hours you could spend of combing thru listings on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, or calling up furniture stores across town to see if they have what you need. And that’s only if you already know your style and how to put together a good living space. 

If your time is restricted, and you just want to feel at home now, there is a better option for you.

You deserve better than mysterious online purchases and setting up flat packed furniture all alone! Instead, look for a design-and-furnish company like Furnishr. Furnishr is a company that takes your new layout and creates a custom room package designed to your style, taste, and budget. Then they ship, deliver, and assemble it all for you. 

It can take as little as two weeks to design the room, and one day to set everything up. What better way to feel at home in your new city? 


There you have it – are you feeling excited for your move?


If you can do these two things — explore the city on foot, and furnish your place quickly — then you can get to know a new city easily. We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming move! Let us know if we can help you with a custom room design package. Or coffee shop advice in your new city 😉


Happy furnishing!

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How to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Although small rooms may seem cozy and fun, they can sometimes feel suffocating. But there are some easy ways to make small spaces look bigger, if you’re willing to do the work. 

As you fill your home with more belongings, storage space becomes an uncommon commodity. Trinkets begin to pile up on all your surfaces, and books get left out. We’ve all been there! Even a little bit of mess can make a small space feel extra closed-in.

Just one or two items left out can leave your space feeling cluttered, especially if your space was small to begin with. We get it, not everyone has the luxury of having extra square footage. 

However, rather than settling for a dysfunctional space, there are three easy ways you can make small spaces look bigger.

You can also feel free to check out our 8 tips for furnishing small spaces. We’re pretty passionate about this topic, so don’t be shy with your questions!

a clean and minimalist living room with inset TV, rug, coffee table, and dark couch with cream throw cushions

Small Room Design Ideas

Whether you live in a house or a small apartment complex, there are some easy tips and tricks that experts use to create the illusion of a bigger and more spacious home. You can be this by choosing the right furniture, artwork, and ornaments. Ready to get started? Here’s how you can make small spaces look bigger. Just like the experts.

1. Use statement furniture that is multi- purpose

  • Low and high: A sofa with low arms can make the room feel bigger. It allows you an overall view of the room from multiple angles. This also creates a sense of movement in the space.
  • Select furniture with a “wow” factor: The “wow” comes from small elements such as materials used, accents, details, and patterns. This enables you to style a room that reflects your personality. Have fun and show off your individuality!
  • Multi-purpose functionality: Selecting furniture with a dual purpose allows flexibility. It also removes the need for excess furniture. This can improve overall traffic flow, so that you do not have to worry about weaving and navigating through too many pieces of furniture.
  • Show off some leg: Forget skirted sofas or boxy chairs. Instead, opt for height and sleek lines with visible chair legs. This creates air flow, helps reflect light, and creates a sense of space. 
  • Avoid small furnishings: Multiple pieces of small furniture can reduce the flow of movement in the living room. Large sofas that fill the room give the illusion of space whilst maximizing comfort.

A small living room with a light gray color scheme and minimal furnishings.

2. The ABC of artwork for small spaces.

  • Arrange smaller artworks or photographs in a group together to replicate a single piece.
  • Bold, oversized artwork can draw the eye upwards, becoming the focal point of the room and give the appearance of a bigger space. 
  • Colors can help create unity. Coordinate your art colors with your soft furnishings like cushions and throw rugs.

A wall featuring lots of small pieces of artwork and a hat, all in the tan color scheme.

3. Ornaments styled right.

  • Larger ornaments provide more impact, creating a sleek and modern sense of style. As a result, rooms appear clean, crisp, brighter and bigger.
  • Reduce the number of ornaments on your shelves by only displaying a few of your favorites. By keeping a few pieces of furniture or a few shelves clear of ornaments, the number of ornaments is reduced. Your small space will appear less cluttered
  • Excess ornaments can be kept in boxes or in a cupboard and rotated every season for a fresh look, allowing you to still enjoy the benefits of those treasured belongings.
  • Place items on furniture with less use. This reduces breakage and increases functionality and comfort. You don’t want a guest to knock over a favorite statue with their feet on the coffee table.
  • Add depth with items of varying heights and in groups of two or three

Here are a few additional small-space decorating tips, too:

  1. How to decorate a small living room
  2. How to decorate a VERY small bedroom

A small space living room with color coordinated throw cushions and a small coffee table with plant and ashtray.

> Comment below if you enjoyed learning how to make your small spaces look bigger! And let us know what topics you would like our designers to write about next. If you’re on a home design roll, then go read our next article on how to make your living space more functional.