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Moving Out Checklist: The Painful Furniture Decision

New expats, the soon-to-be-relocated — congrats on your upcoming adventure! Whether you have a relocation package, or you’re headed for a new adventure all on your own, your first task is to decide what to do with your furniture. You spent hard earned money on that couch, after all. And it would be nice to have something familiar in your new home, right? Maybe, maybe not.

Moving Out Checklist

It’s tricky, we get it. You don’t want to regret anything, but you also need to make fast decisions that save you time and money. It can be even more complicated if you have a partner or family joining you, too. If you and your plus-one need help to agree on a style, check out these great tips from design expert Elsie Larson.

So, here are Furnishr’s three key criteria for making furniture relocation decisions prior to your move. Once you know how you feel about these, it should be easy to make a decision. Remember: there’s no right answer, only the right answer for you.


Let’s face it, price is a major factor in decision-making here. Do you have fairly new, unique, and high-cost furniture? You may be imagining it in your new space already. Perhaps you saved up to buy it or acquired it recently before you knew you’d be relocating. You’re annoyed about dropping more cash on movers, but you really love all your furniture and you know it will fit perfectly in your new life. If this is you, get an estimate from a moving company. 

Decisions around moving can be stressful.

But on the other hand, maybe your furniture is mostly second-hand, or older. You didn’t spend much, but it’s served you well. You’re planning to shell out for movers because you worry about having to redecorate a new apartment entirely from scratch. You feel happier splashing out on movers and saving yourself the energy of hunting down new lamps and couches in your new city.

TIP: Compare the price of moving your furniture to the original amount you spent on that furniture.

Do you have a large budget for your relocation? If you originally spent $10,000 on new living room furniture, and it will cost $3,000 to move it, it might make sense to take it with you. But if you’re moving on a low budget, and you have a ragtag collection of items that’s worth less than the cost of moving… Well, you might think about selling your old stuff, and research Furnishr’s options for complete rooms.

furniture relocate

This move is your chance for a fresh start! Do you really want that old armchair in your new living room? Sure, bring along the items you’d never find at a store — trinkets from your travels, and the banker’s lamp from the flea market. But when it comes to furniture, buying a complete room from Furnishr will actually save you on mover’s fees, in addition to saving you the time and energy of stylishly furnishing a new place from scratch. Seek moving help from Furnishr so you don’t have to worry.


Feelings. Let’s talk about them. You’re half scared, half excited about your upcoming relocation. It’s obvious that moving affects your mental health and with so much uncertainty in your future, it’s understandable you want something to rely on! A comfortable and familiar home environment will work wonders for a newly relocated person. But now, some hard questions.

moving out checklist - girl looking out the airplane window

Do you know exactly where you’ll be living? If you’ve already seen new space in person, great! But are you certain your current furniture will fit in the new space? Consider physical fit as well as cultural fit. Have you seen a floor plan, and can you imagine where your couch and bedside table will go? Will any items look out of place in the architectural style? Do you have enough furniture to fill the new space, or will you need to supplement with new, matching items when you arrive?

Part of moving to a new city means adapting to a new culture, whether you’re moving abroad or just across the country. Furniture can either help or hinder your adjustment process — will your old furniture help or hinder you? Rather than trying to make old furniture work in a new space, it might be easier to get items that work specifically for your new floor plan.

TIP: Take stock of your emotional state. How can you best reduce the uncertainty during your transition?

By all means, keep that statue from your grandmother, and your favorite cooking utensils. But when it comes to bigger items like couches and desks and bed frames, consider that it might be more stressful to wind up with the wrong furniture than to not have any at all. Of course, the best solution would be furniture chosen specifically for your actual space. Furnishr provides moving help by handling interior design and one-day delivery. You get all the input without any of the sweat and tears. How’s that for reducing uncertainty?


You might be relocating temporarily, or maybe only a day’s drive away. With any kind of relocation, there are certain unavoidable costs. Whether you’re a pensioner, a relocating business person, a military family, an expat, or even a university student — everyone has to sort, pack, ship, and unpack. And the further and longer you go, the longer the packing process will take! Now, you’ve made the plan, so the time and distance of your journey are non-negotiable. All that’s left to decide now is how best to take care of your future self. You know, the future self that inspired all that hustle!

relocation, job

So, put yourself in the mindset of future-you. You’ve just arrived at your new apartment, travel weary and anxious about your new job. Are you excited about unboxing your old furniture after a long day? Do you want to coordinate the shipping and unpacking of your old stuff?

TIP: How much energy will your travel take out of you? Let future-you make your furniture decisions. 

The decisions you make today actually have a greater impact on future-you than on today-you. Moving is not just about picking up your life and plopping it down somewhere else. When it comes down to it, moving is really about moving towards a new version of yourself. And you owe the best to your future self on that first night in your new place, sitting alone with a slice of pizza and Skyping with a friend back home. 

It may seem obvious, but we believe that furniture and interior design have a major impact on your state of mind. Your environment can either set you up for success, or get in the way of it. It’s worth taking a moment to think deeply about how your furnishings can support you and your goals.

New city, relocate

The Furnishr team believes there is a better way to move. Don’t pay through the roof to drag all your old baggage into your new life! Lighten your load, and let us design a better space for you. Furnishr provides moving help when you need it. We’ll pick furniture personalized to your style, and measured specifically for your floor plan. We’ll deliver and install it, too. It just might give you the positive boost you need to start fresh in your new city

Take the quiz and see how easy your relocation could be. Your future self wants Furnishr.

>> Comment down below what frustrates you the most during moving, and read our next article on how to handle a cross-country move.

Airbnb Furnishing Furnishing 101

How to Prepare for Your Next Guest Check In

30 Minute Cleaning Challenge

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning may not be your favorite thing to do, especially if you’re a person that is always busy or with a tight schedule. But, as you grow up, you realize that duties do come in life, whether you like that or not, and a grumpy face and some Mr. Bean-styled murmuring won’t shoo them away.

Instead of postponing the home chore you hate the most, it’s better to eat the frog and do that in the morning. You probably will croak during the process of cleaning, but once it’s done, you’ll be proud of yourself and you will finally breathe in some fresh air, both metaphorically and literally.

A tidy home does not just give you the feeling of coziness and relaxation, but also creates a healthier and safer place to live in. Getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff and cleaning every surface in your apartment or room means getting rid of any bacteria that could possibly affect your health in a bad way.

A clean home is also a wealthy home, especially when you’re renting your place. The trend of hosting strangers and travellers is still rolling high, and if you’ve been both the guest and the host, you’re probably aware of the importance of a clean home. No one wants to sleep in a mess, or to step on a floor covered in crumbs. If you’ve already hosted guests from around the world, you’ve probably cleaned your home many times. Now, did you get a new message from someone who’s interested in staying over at your place? Did that person catch you off guard?

If the person you’re hosting is about to arrive at any moment and you couldn’t find time to clean your home until now, here are few tips and tricks that you can use even in a last minute situation.


Before I start with the 30 minutes cleaning challenge details, let me say a word or two about the panic that seizes you the moment you realize that you don’t have a lot of time to make your home look decent. It’s just like with any other type of deadline: all of a sudden, you realize that you’ve waited too long and now you’re in panic thinking you won’t make it. Before you drown in worry, block your negative thoughts and stop thinning your nerves because the only thing you’ll “get” is lost time. Stop panicking and start organizing yourself for the cleaning process.


Finally, let’s begin with ideas on the cleaning schedule. This is how you can clean your home thoroughly in half an hour without making a bigger mess during the cleaning process.

First things first, take all the cleaning supplies, detergents and towels to one place, so you can have them near you and avoid losing time on picking through them until you find the supply you need.

Don’t focus on the unimportant – have your goal on your mind all the time, so you don’t get distracted. Make a priority list of the rooms that you will clean. Once you have your general plan ready and set, you can start cleaning.

Cleaning Plan

Dust where you must!

A clean surface on your rooms’ drawers and shelves will increase the effect of a neat space, so make sure you free these surfaces of all particles that burden its cleanness. Before dusting, remove all papers, garbage and unnecessary things that would steal your time. This will enable you to clean the dust faster. Don’t lose time on cleaning each figurine or souvenir on the shelves. Instead, dust only the wide surface and use the vacuum cleaner for the crowded parts. Make sure you don’t vacuum any of the little decorations!

Dust from the top towards the bottom, so you don’t bring any dust back.

It’s time to multi-task

Cleaning is probably one of the few situations in which multi-tasking is welcomed with pleasure. This way, you’ll save on time and you’ll organize the whole process with more focus. The multi-tasking cleaning chore should include the kitchen and the bathroom. First, apply a stove cleaning detergent on the whole surface and coat the burners. Let sit for a few minutes and in the meantime, start cleaning the bathroom. Spray the cleaning detergent on the toilet seat, the shower cabin or bathtub, the sink and the rest of the surfaces that should be cleaned.

Use a sponge to remove any stains from the different surfaces and wash off the detergent with a gush of warm water. Leave the door of the bathroom opened to avoid mould creation and bad smell.

Go back to the kitchen and start with the stove. Use the coarse side of the sponge or a scrub brush and remove food residue and stains from the burners and the whole surface. Wash off with warm water and then dry it with a clean towel. If there are any dirty dishes, put them in the dishwasher before starting with the stove. If you are looking for a good sponge, check Kitchenistic for their guide for best sponges for dishes.

It’s very important to have clean and stain-free drinking glasses, plates and cutlery. That, and a clean eating table should be your priority in the kitchen.

It’s time to break free!

Remember the scene where Freddy Mercury is vacuuming the house with ease? If a King can do it, you can do it too! Vacuuming can be tiring, but when there’s music that alleviates the feeling of boredom, this home chore transforms into a liberating fitness activity. Turn up the volume, play your favorite songs and motivate yourself, because this is the last large cleaning chore from the 30-minute cleaning challenge. Start from the corridor of your home and vacuum clean the whole place, focusing on the dormitory and the rooms where your guests will spend most of their time.

When you finish with the bedroom, change bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets or duvet covers.

The beauty of the details

In order to complete the challenge successfully, pay attention to the details that make the home feel cozy, neat and welcoming. Open the windows and let some fresh air come in. You can use an air freshener with a pleasant aroma (nothing strong-smelling). Lavender, lime or some herb-based aroma would do just fine.

You can place a vase with flowers from the local flower market or shop to create a welcoming atmosphere.

How to split the 30 minutes for each cleaning chore?

Time is precious, I know!  Believe it or not, half an hour is enough to do all these activities and I’ll prove that with the following time management plan. It’s all about focusing on priorities and being practical.

As you can see in the previous paragraphs, the challenge counts three large tasks. Don’t split the time into equal segments, because some of the tasks are more complex. You’ll surely need more time to clean the bathroom and the kitchen than you’ll need for dusting or setting the bed.

So, here’s how to split your precious thirty minutes:

  • 7 minutes for dusting
  • 12 minutes for the multi-task part – bathroom and kitchen cleaning
  • 8 minutes for vacuuming the home and changing bed sheets
  • 3 minutes for the details

Cleaning Plan for a 30-minute clean

Looking at these numbers, you probably think that I’ve gone cuckoo, but believe me, it’s possible. It’s like a good and well-planned workout in the gym: you have a goal, you know how to focus and you know that time is precious.

Let me remind you that most important of all is to forget about panicking. There won’t be any kind of inspection; you just want to be a nice and polite host who cares about the guests and you want to leave a good impression.

When already talking about the importance of using time wisely, here are some extra tips on how to spare yourself the trouble next time an unexpected guest makes a last minute reservation.  

Try to keep your home as neat as possible. Build a daily routine of washing the dishes and throwing out the garbage regularly. Don’t leave your clothes on the sofa or the chair. Dust once a week. It’s much easier to clean one layer of dust than something that has already begun to make history on the shelves!

Using the vacuum cleaner once a week will also make your home look well ordered.

You know that the guest bedroom should always be a priority, so always have clean and ironed bedding. Never use this room as a place where you store unnecessary things! Once a day, open the windows to let some fresh air come in.

Take this challenge as an opportunity to prove yourself that you can do things the good way even when you’re short on time.

I hope that these tips will be of help and that you will enjoy the process. In the end, the satisfied look and the positive feedback from your guests is what will make this sacrifice worth your time and efforts.

Written by guest blogger Anita Edwards

Airbnb Furnishing Furnishing 101

A Perfect Guide to Booking an Airbnb for First-time Users

If you’ve never booked an Airbnb before, you probably have quite a few questions about the whole process of paying to sleep in strangers’ apartments. Not to worry, it’s really not that complicated. We’ve composed a detailed guide on booking an Airbnb the right way your first time.

Research the Area

One of the most important steps in booking an Airbnb is researching the area it’s located in. You want to make sure that it’s safe and close to your destinations. Some listings will claim to be “near downtown” but are actually quite a distance from it, proving to be inconvenient especially if you are planning on walking or taking transit. Airbnb will not post the exact address of the property until after you’ve confirmed your booking, but will give quite a specific area so that you know what you’re working with.

Booking an Airbnb - Map

Reserve with Superhosts

Airbnb superhosts are hosts who have gone above and beyond expectations and are certified by Airbnb themselves. To become a superhost, they must meet these requirements:

  • Have at least a 90% response rate
  • Host at least 10 trips
  • Receive a 5-star rating at least 80% of the time
  • Complete each confirmed reservation without canceling

These hosts are truly reliable and have gleaming reviews from other guests. You can’t go wrong booking an Airbnb with them.

Booking an Airbnb - Superhost

Save Money with “Special Offers”

Something that many don’t know when booking an Airbnb listing is that you can sometimes get special discounts off of the advertised price. You can try this out by clicking “Contact Host” instead of “Book” and messaging them to see if they’re open to offering you a discount. Make sure to introduce yourself and have a friendly conversation first before asking them to knock off a few percent off their price. If the host agrees, they will be able to send you a special offer that’s not seen on the website. You should use this method to its full advantage if you are planning an extended stay, or are booking last minute, as hosts try to fill any vacant dates.

Booking an Airbnb - Special Offer

Make Note of the Cancellation Policies

Airbnb has three different categories of cancellation policies:

  • Flexible
  • Moderate
  • Strict

Each host has the option of choosing any one, and it will be displayed on the listing. Pay attention to this so that you aren’t surprised by any cancelation fees should you change your mind. This is extremely important, especially if you are booking your stay well in advance.

Booking an Airbnb - Cancellation

These tips will make your first experience with Airbnb a pleasant and impressionable one. Just remember to do your research and keep an open mind. Happy travels!

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How to be a Great Roommate and Deal with Personal Space

Whether you’re entering your first year of college or moving to a new city, living with roommates isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Old habits die hard, and living in a shared space can sometimes challenge the lifestyle that you’ve grown so accustomed to.


If you find that you and your roommates are constantly fighting over who ate the last slice of leftover pizza, or the acceptable noise level when having friends over, take a look at these 5 helpful tips to lessen the daily struggles of making decisions, compromising, and more.

1. Track Expenses using Apps

splitwise is an app that helps people calculate and send split payments

Whether it be ordering takeout, calling a taxi, or paying this month’s utilities, living with roommates doesn’t make managing finances the easiest. Using apps like Venmo and Splitwise will help you keep track of your finances easily so that you aren’t arguing later on about who still needs to chip in for the Domino’s you ordered last week. 


You can also use online banking applications like e-transfer or apple pay. Additionally, if you are planning on traveling around the city, apps like uber have a split-the-bill option that makes tracking finances easier.

2. Create a Chore Chart

A selection of colorful sponges on a white background

Maintaining the shared living space should be a household responsibility, but it is too often forgotten or split unevenly, with one roommate complaining about always having to do the dishes. Creating a chore chart to visually keep track of all the different chores will drastically decrease the disagreements over who needs to take out the trash this week and who was supposed to vacuum the floor, and fairly assign tasks so that no one is stuck doing all the grunt work.

3. Exchange Emergency Information

a person wearing a mask types on a laptop in a dark room

Even if you aren’t the closest with your roommates, it is always a good idea to exchange emergency contact information. It is always good to set up a medical ID or Health Record on your phone to let others know your medical information. You never know when there might be an emergency. As well, let them know that you are there to help if they are ever in an urgent situation. It’s good to establish a mutually amicable and helpful relationship so that you know you have someone to rely on if you are ever in need.


This is especially important if you are living away from home. Although having your parents as your emergency contact is important so that they know what is going on, they won’t be able to respond on-site as fast as your roommates who live in the same city.

4. Let Them Know If You’re Having Guests Over

a group of friends sits in the sunshine in the backyard eating and drinking


When living with roommates, be considerate and give them a heads up by shooting them a text if you’re planning on having friends over. This way, they won’t be overwhelmed when they find a group of strangers sitting inside their home when they come back from work, saving a lot of awkward conversations later on. It’s important that your roommate feels comfortable and that you respect each other’s personal space.


Also, consider creating a space for entertaining your friends for a more relaxing atmosphere. An entertainment shared-space such as a home theater is something that is fun for everyone. It can act as a designated space where guests and friends can sit back and relax. That way, if you or your roommate do not feel like interacting with anyone after a long day, either of you won’t have to expect to come home to a bunch of guests sprawled out on your bedsheets or favorite recliner.

5. Act Like Your Parents are Visiting

a dark teal couch with spilled chips on the ground and an overturned plastic cup

Last but not least, it is all too easy to get too comfortable in your own space and forget to maintain a neat and inviting atmosphere. At least once a week, treat your home like your parents are coming over and keep not only the living room and kitchen clean but your bedroom as well. Maintaining a tidy and appealing environment is essential to ensuring cooperation between you and your roommates. No one likes a slob.


The key to getting along really lies within mutual compromise and consideration. Adopting these 5 tips into your lifestyle can really improve the dynamic between those you’re living with, no matter if they’re close friends or near-strangers. These 5 tips will make living with roommates more like living with friends, rather than enemies.


>> Comment below your first experience living with roommates and what you wish you knew beforehand. If you’re interested to learn how couples with clashing styles can share a space, read our next article.

Airbnb Furnishing Design Tips Furnishing 101

Airbnb Host Checklist for Room Design

Airbnb Host Checklist for Room Essentials

Here is a checklist to help you design an Airbnb space that’s beautiful and accommodating! Because amazing room design = amazing prices.



  • For instance, a decent studio in New York City can be rented for $150-350 for a night.
  • Not only that, but a rental that sleeps more than 6 can net $650 or more per night.

It’s a fact that we regularly see high ROI (return on investment) in furnishing Airbnb rental units nicely. We might be biased, since we ourselves have furnished a number of luxury short-term stay homes and Airbnb rental properties over the past three years. But it’s true that branding your unit as a luxury retreat can help you generate more profits in the long term.



You may think that cleanliness is the biggest influence on a customer’s ratings. It’s true that cleanliness is the baseline to your guest’s comfort and a 5-star review. But having decent looking and comfortable furniture is another major factor on your rental prices. Consider people traveling to a big city like NYC for fun or for work. They want the entire trip to be a positive experience! Thus, the interior design quality of their accommodation can take their whole experience up a notch. Not only that but many successful short-term stay companies like OneFineStay and Sonder have shown that Airbnb guests will pay big bucks for nicely designed homes when on vacation.



Regardless, this Airbnb host checklist provides you with a detailed description of the furniture, accessories and essential items you need to set up an Airbnb property and earn some extra money.



A final tip: Even if your unit is in a great location, terrible photos can make people skip right over your listing. It’s no wonder that Airbnb has started offering photography services for hosts to make sure they have decent photos. So — once you complete the checklist below, don’t forget to go get some high quality photos taken!



Happy furnishing!


Glamorous living dining room

Airbnb Host Checklist: Furniture and Accessories

For the Bedroom:


an Airbnb bedroom furnished

  1. Bed with a nice headboard

    • An upholstered bed gives a warm cozy feeling to any bedroom
    • Don’t use a storage bed because guests are more prone to leave things behind if you give them more drawers in different pieces of furniture. It’ll just become an operational hassle
  2. Mattress (at least 8” thick)

    • Vacationing and work travels are tiring. Make sure you give your guests good nights of sleep with a decently thick and firm mattress
    • Memory foam mattresses are more durable than spring mattresses because there won’t be any broken coils
    • Soft memory foam mattresses can sag on odd sides over time. You can easily just turn and/or flip the mattress to extend its life
    • Memory foam mattresses are also cheaper to replace
    • We also suggest using a mattress case, which is a fabric cover with a zipper used to protect the mattress from bugs and dirt. In the event of messy guests and messy stays, you can just replace the mattress case and keep the mattress
  3. Dresser or chest of drawers

    • You need at least one storage piece in the bedroom. A luxurious bedroom should not ask your guests to live out of their suitcase.
    • A wide dresser with 6 drawers is ideal since there can be two people sharing this room
  4. Nightstand or side table

    • There needs to be a surface area to put a table lamp, an alarm clock, a book, and a phone.
    • If you have a dresser already, you don’t need more drawers on the nightstand. Again, the more drawers you give your guests, the more chances they will leave things behind
    • If your bed is centered in a room, place one side table on each side of the bed to create symmetry
  1. Mirror

    • Everyone needs to look good before they head out to make sure there is at least one mirror in the room, even if there is an attached ensuite bathroom
    • Place the mirror above the dresser or have a free-standing floor mirror
    • The mirror is also a decorative item so find one with an interesting frame
  2. Lighting

    • Some guests might enjoy staying in to read a book or work some more. Make sure there’s ample lighting for the night.
    • Floor lamps and table lamps are both great options.
    • The lamp(s) can also be another design feature in the room so pick wisely!
  3. Bedding

    • For the pillowcases, bed sheets, flat sheet and duvet, use the same set in white. Don’t mix and match from different brands because the white may be different.
    • And let’s not be too creative with the color matching or color blocking in the bedding set. Guests want to see clean white sheets on their beds to feel comfortable sleeping in a stranger’s room
    • Place one simple throw pillow to glam up the bed
  4. Art & Rug

    • Arts and an area rug will add more colors and patterns to the room.
    • The nice and thick rug will keep their feet warm and soft in the morning.
    • Though they are optional, rugs do add the luxury touch to any bedroom

For the Living Room: 

Vacation Home in Tybee Island - Furnished with sofa bed airbnb


  1. Sofabed (with pull-out mattress)

    • Increasing occupancy in the unit increases rent, so a sofa bed is essential to increase your return on investment.
    • It’s also important to differentiate a sofa bed with pull-out mattress and a fold-down futon.
    • Sofa beds with a pull-out mattress means there’s a proper mattress underneath the seat cushions. There is a lift mechanism that lets you pull out the mattress easily. These sofa beds are made to be comfortable for seating as well as sleeping. The mattress, though is thin, is a firm memory foam mattress that guarantees you a good sleep without having to feel the hardware underneath. These sofa beds are at least twice as expensive as futons but they are more structurally sound and are worth the investment.
    • Fold-down futons, on the other hands, are made a simple frame and a gliding mechanism to fold down the back cushions of the sofa to make it into the size of a twin or double bed. There are usually 2 or 3 back cushions and 2 or 3 seat cushions, so you will feel all the gaps when sleeping.
  2. Coffee table

    • A coffee table provides a surface area to place drinks and snacks in your living space.
    • There are many lift-top coffee table designs that let you use it as a workstation which is a nice feature to sell on your listing.
  3. Lighting

    • Many apartments don’t come with ceiling lights. Whether you get much sunlight or not through the windows, you will need at least one floor lamp.
    • You don’t want your guests wandering around in the dark and walking into walls or furniture!
  4. Flat screen TV with a Chromecast

    • For nights of staying in, there should be a TV for Netflix or streaming of music and shows
    • Connected to a Chromecast, your guest will be more choices for entertainment

Other Airbnb Amenities and Essentials

Toronto Yorkville AirBnb 

In addition to furniture, you need to provide other living essentials and basic amenities for the kitchen and bathroom as well to make this Airbnb rental the “home away from home”.

Living Essential

  • Iron & Ironing board or steamer
  • Hangers for each closet
  • Trash can in each room

Kitchen Essentials

  • Plates, bowls
  • Cups, glasses and wine glasses
  • Utensils
  • Cutleries
  • Can opener
  • Pots & Pans
  • Cooking utensils
  • Coasters
  • Toaster
  • Kettle

Bathroom Essentials

  • Hair dryer
  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Hand soap
  • Shampoo, conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash & disposable cups
  • Disposable toothbrush
  • Air freshener
  • Extra toilet papers
  • Hooks on the door

There are also other welcoming gadgets to make your apartment feels like home for your guests. In particular, if they love your unit, they will return next time and recommend you to their friends.

Our Stylish Over-the-Top Welcoming Kit

close up photography of person wearing pink house slippers

  • Universal phone chargers for androids, iPhones and other brands
  • Outlet converter (for travelers from outside of North America)
  • Flip flops or slippers
  • Bathrobes
  • Yoga Mat
  • Speaker for music
  • Chromecast
  • Safe (combination)
  • Airbnb Guidebook

Finally, you want to get your entire home set up ASAP so you can start making money right away



Most landlords lose out on the rent for the first month because they take too long to set up the home and take photos of the entire place. Just remember that a rental home isn’t your own home! You do not have the luxury to take your time to shop for furniture and each item with care.



 In other words, the more time you take to set up the home and take nice photos of each room, the more money it will cost you. This is exactly why people hire us!

Furnishr Review: Furnished Airbnb Design

a west village airbnb furnished by Furnishr


Our customer, Jason, got the keys to this beautiful townhouse in West Village of Manhattan last month and we furnished the entire house the next day. His first guest checked in three days after he got his keys. 



All he gave us was a floor plan, his budget and how many beds and sofa beds he wanted. We took care of everything else; from deciding on the colour scheme based on his preferred style of the home, selecting the furniture, selecting the accessories, space planning to delivery and setup in one day.



Jason’s budget was $15k for 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 basement studio and an outdoor patio for a total of 8 rooms. The average cost for the living room, dining room, bedrooms and basement studio was $2000 which includes all the furniture and accessories. The outdoor spaces and kitchen cost about $3000 in total.



Although it is a big cost up front, he is now able to brand it as a luxury, high quality Airbnb rental and charge  $800-1000/night to rent out his entire home. The cost of furnishing the whole home was paid off within the first half of the month



With Furnishr’s help, you can soon be on our way to receive great reviews with your Airbnb fully booked each month.

Jason's west village airbnb living room with a fireplace, coffee table, a chair and a couch

Jason's west village airbnb guest bedroom

Jason's west village airbnb in another guest bedroom furnished by Furnishr

Furnishing 101 Office Furnishing

7 Tips to Refresh for Less with a Quick Room Makeover

By Alexa Caruso 

Trends come and go but your space is yours forever. It can be costly and unreasonable to be constantly purchasing new decor or furniture. However, your room seemingly becomes dull over time. After all, you are staring at the same white walls and ceilings from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. So how do you switch-up your home style without breaking the bank? Here are some quick and easy tips on how to refresh your room with a new look for less.

Room Makeover Ideas

1. Get Crafty

how to refresh your room - get crafty

Who said decorating your room had to be tedious? This is your opportunity to showcase your unique style while incorporating your favorite trends. And if you’re willing to put in some elbow grease you can change your space for pretty much next to nothing and don’t forget you’ve got the whole online world willing to help (hi, Youtube tutorials).

Suggestions run the gamut, but this option tends to suit those looking for a more rustic or industrial style since you’ll be repurposing items. For example, discarded crates + fresh coat of paint = super cute and stylish stackable storage containers. You can even use discarded wood to create rustic new shelving or a whole new backboard for your bed! The point is, you’re only limited by the depths of your imagination, so think outside the box.

2. Grab a Paint Brush

how to refresh your room - grab a paint brush

While it might sound intimidating at first, painting a whole room, just a wall or a piece of furniture can work wonders to refresh a space. Your local paint store might even be able to help you out with trendy (and inexpensive) wall treatments. Just make sure you select the right color to accent your style and don’t be afraid to be bold!

3. Get Moving

how to refresh your room - get moving

Get moving. Well, your furniture that is. Revamp a space by moving things around. Perhaps your chair used to be sitting beside your bed facing the door, and now you’ve shifted it by the window. Through playing with the furniture layout, it creates movement in your eyes throughout the room.

Not only that, but it allows you to utilize the space in new ways. For example, perhaps the window wasn’t very utilized before but now that the chair is by the window, you are able to enjoy the natural light and look out at the view. You’d be surprised how different your space will look and feel just by changing the layout. And of course, it won’t cost you a single dollar.

Section 4. Declutter, Glow-Up and Go Green

how to refresh your room - go green

Organizing a cluttered space can work wonders. That’s why minimalism has become such a huge trend over the past year. You can declutter the room by throwing away or donating items that you haven’t used or worn in the last year.

It can also make a significant difference when you tuck away all your electronic cords. Suddenly this can make the room feel and look brighter and airier when there’s less stuff in the room distracting your eye.

Once you’ve tackled that, make your space feel even bigger by adding a few mirrors. Mirrors can make the room feel bigger and brighter as it creates more depth and reflects light within the room. You can do this by clustering some smaller mirrors in a space for an interesting focal point, or put in one big one to make an impact. Also, add a plant or two to make space feel even fresher. Just remember to water it!

5. Thrift, Thrift, Thrift!

how to refresh your room - thrift

Everyone looks a good steal! If you’re interested in purchasing some “new” pieces for your space, consider hitting up online classifieds, antique or thrift shops, and garage sales. You’ll find some unique pieces for prices that won’t hurt your wallet. Just remember to be patient! The best items might be tucked away and scattered around the shelves!

6. Accessorize

how to refresh your room - accessorize

Pillows, throws, a stack of books, a new table arrangement – all make for an excellent way to give an old piece of furniture a fresh new look.

Arrange your favorite souvenirs or trinkets from your travels. This can be a fun talking point when your guests come and visit — oh this? I got it as a keepsake when I was scuba diving in the Bahamas.

7. Shop Smart

If you’re going to splurge and spend a bit of your hard-earned dollars, then try to invest in pieces that give you maximum impact.

how to refresh your room - shop smartA full-length mirror might cost a pretty penny, but it will definitely make a statement in your space. If you’re going to buy a new future, look into items that can do double-duty – essentially anything that can be used as a decorative piece but can be used for storage too. It will help keep clutter to a minimum (see no. 4!).

>> Hopefully, you find all of these tips helpful, and for those of you moving into your first 1-bedroom space, check out our article THE COST OF FURNISHING YOUR 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT next week. Comment down below what tip completely transformed your space, and how your bedroom or living room makeover went!

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The Most Practical Housewarming Gifts for Christmas Season

Christmas is a time when you are much more likely to visit friends and family. Sometimes this may also tie in with them moving to a new home. Why not combine the two things and pick them out a Christmas housewarming gift?

Stuck for ideas on what to buy? Here are some of the amazing 5 Christmas Housewarming Gift Ideas that you could buy as a treat for the new homeowner during the festive season.

1. A Cleaning Supplies Cake

Cleaning supplies might not always sound like the most exciting housewarming gift, but in actual fact, they can prove to be the most useful. Every new homeowner needs new household supplies, so this is a practical housewarming gift. You can also make them that little bit more interesting by creating a cake effect with them. Additionally, you can add in your own cleaning favorites and share your expertise.

2. Christmas Personalized Ornaments

personalized baubles

If the family have only just moved into their house right before Christmas, then chances are that they might not have had time to dig out their decorations. Why not treat them to not only a variety of Christmas decorations but make them personal? This will mean that they can give their new home a festive touch and have a personal keepsake too. This is a special time as Christmas is a time of traditions. Who knows, maybe your ornaments will be the start to their long-lasting tradition of hanging decorations onto the Christmas tree.

3. Bring a Christmas Housewarming Dinner


It may sound like a strange gift, but if you have been spending the past few weeks moving home, then chances are that they haven’t had a chance to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Why not give them an amazing treat by cooking dinner and taking it with you? You can warm it up and then all eat it together. Nothing like settling into a home like a big welcome feast!

You can an additional sentimental touch by providing a cookbook and fill some of the pages with some of your favorite home-made recipes. That way, the new homeowners will have a cookbook to fill with all their own recipes, but will also get to the chance to enjoy your recipes as well. Besides, you’re not going to be coming by with dishes all the time.

4. A Christmas Wreath for the Front Door

Christmas Wreath on Door

A great way to make a home feel more festive is to put up some decorations. One popular decoration that makes for a great gift is a Christmas wreath. It could be a fresh one or perhaps one that could be used time and time again. Nothing says welcome home like a big ol’ wreath greeting you at the front of the door. It’s a nice touch to the home and chances are the new homeowners have not thought of purchasing one.

5. A Photo Frame


One of the ways that you can make your house feel like a home is to ensure that you display photos all around it. You can never have too many photo frames, so why not choose this as a housewarming gift? If you stick to a relatively simple design, then you can be sure that it will fit in with their home no matter what type of interior they have opted for. You can also include a photograph of one of your favorite memories with the homeowner. If it’s too difficult to pick just one, why not gift an entire customized photo album filled with your favorite memories. The Christmas Housewarming is a great opportunity to sit down and reminisce over past memories. Be sure to leave some pages open so that the homeowner can fill it with more memories to come.

There are so many different gifts that you can buy for a Christmas housewarming treat. No matter which gift you opt, one of the best things that you can do is simply go and visit them in their new home and bring them a bit of your own festive cheer!

Want even more ideas? Check out the list that Sara Tardiff put together for Elle decor this year!

>> Comment down below what your favorite housewarming gift was or what your practical go-to gift item is! We are excited to read them all. If you would like to read about how to DIY makeover your room for less, read our next article.

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How to Adjust His Decorating Style to Fit Yours

Clashing Interior Design Styles

Couples that have different tastes in decorating style often have clashing opinions when it comes to moving in together.  Adjusting his style to fit yours is often complicated. Many of whom just want a space to display their belongings, making the home feel comfortable and familiar. Whilst others just want equal space in the closet and bathroom cupboards. Compromising and understanding the other person leads to a happier relationship and creates a space that happily reflects the two of you as a couple. Here are some tips on how to incorporate both partners decorating style in a shared space.

1. Compromise

When you become accustomed to living alone, you can adopt bad living habits that you didn’t realize were there. Now that you have a new roommate, it is time to understand that your partner might not be as understanding when you take up all the bookshelf space or sprawl out all your favorite magazines on the coffee table. He might want to display his favorite souvenirs or books in the room too. There are ways that you can have what you both want through compromising – if he wants his gaming console in the lounge then you are allowed to place a nice vase of flowers. This type of thinking allows you to prevent disagreements and allows each partner to display their own unique style.

Couple assembling furniture together
Couple Putting Together Self Assembly Furniture In New Home

Key Decorating Pieces

living spaces with decorating style

Choose a few key pieces to display that you can both agree on and that matches your combined style. This will allow you to each feel represented in the home equally, create comfort and openness. Try to be open-minded and understand why their piece is important to your partner.

Your Own Styled Space

living space decorating style - gray

Although having a shared space can be nice, everyone needs their own personal space. At the end of the day, we all have our own unique styles. Some are into contemporary design or mid-century modern styling, maybe an industrial style or rustic style, and others might enjoy a modern design or a French country vibe. We all have our own design elements or color palettes that we like to stick to.

Try to incorporate spaces within the house that are for you only, and the same goes for your partner. You can choose to have your own room, office, corner or it may be something as simple as a shelf in the bookcase. This your area to enjoy and style as you wish.

This can be a “man cave” or a relaxing room for a woman to enjoy her latest magazine with a coffee. Or it can be a bookcase either side of the TV that is for each of you to place belongings.

Shared Decorated Space

With main areas of the house such as the living room, dining and kitchen keep things that represent both of you. If one of you has the majority of furniture you can include your partner in the decision process of adjusting the placement of furniture. They could add soft furnishings of their choosing.

Airbnb Investment Property West Village NYC

Alternatively, you can go shopping together and select new furniture that you both agree upon. Flea markets are great places to thrift for ‘new’ furniture if you are looking for something cost-friendly. You can also consider picking neutral colors if you are having difficulties selecting furnishings.

Couple’s Room Equity

Bedroom decoration styleEnsure your partner has adequate space for their belongings as it makes them feel welcome and part of your life. This means sharing closet space, cabinet space in the bathroom, space in the kitchen for food and appliances. Additionally allowing space to be shared for larger furniture items.

>> Let us know down below your first experience moving-in with your partner. How did you handle conflicting decor styles and sharing personal space?

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New Home New City. Explore And Make It Yours.

Moving to a new city is both exciting and intimidating. However, it is less intimidating when you have the right tips for getting to know your city and settling into your new home.


Here’s a simple guide to exploring your new city.

1. Sightseeing

Crossing off all the sights is the best way to learn about the history and the new developments of your city. Don’t be ashamed to be a tourist! You’re new here, after all.

A woman wearing a maroon sweater on a balcony holds a camera. The city is visible behind her.

See and experience the beauty and wonder of what it has to offer before you start your new adventure. We often get so busy that we cannot take the time during the working week to explore our city so make sure to stop and pose for a selfie along the way. This will allow you to appreciate the joy for years to come.

2. To map or not to map?

Prefer a set of clear directions on where to go?  Then a map will definitely be beneficial for you.

A woman looks down at a map and leans against the hood of a car.If you are the type of person who enjoys spontaneity and are prepared to find your own way home then the freedom to roam will make your senses come to life. Become informed before setting out on your journey, know the areas or neighborhoods to avoid and ensure that you respect local rules and customs.

3. Walk and talk

A man and woman at an outdoor flower market.

The best way to find the hidden gems in your city is to walk and talk to the locals. Walking allows you to open the senses and stumble along hidden places that are not always accessible by transport. Talking with the locals can expose you to the best the city has to offer, including stuff that may not be on any map or tourist brochure.

4. Explore with a goal

A table in a coffee shop has a pink rose in a vase.

Have a goal in mind before setting about your exploration. Perhaps it is a hunt for the best burger or where to get your morning coffee fix on your way to work. This gives you a sense of purpose and you can still feel accomplished should your time be limited. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, flat shoes and cash (for all of the coffee). You’ll get to know a new city in no time this way!

5. Shopping

A woman is grocery shopping. She wears a yellow t-shirt and beige jacket and a face mask. She is holding a citrus fruit.

Map out the nearest shopping places and store the locations on your phone. This makes them quicker to find and helps you feel more confident in your new city sooner. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the grocery store or buy items that make your house feel more like home. There’s no faster way to get to know a new city than finding your favorite grocery story.

Your Home, Your Way

Not only are you in a new city, but you’re living in a totally new apartment or house. It’s important to spend some time and energy making your new place feel like home.


Here’s how you can start making your house a home quickly.

1. The importance of your new home

Styled bookcase


While being connected in the world is exciting, it is also important to have a place that is private and peaceful. Home is that place. Your home does far more than just shelter you from the elements. It is the place that can change and grow with you, accommodating your needs and the way you like to enjoy life. By creating a space of enjoyment, peace, fun for yourself, you are taking a major step towards creating the life and environment of your dreams. Your home, your way.

2. Design inspiration

There are so many ways you could decorate your new home! It’s exciting — but it can also get overwhelming quickly. The best way to gain insight and find the latest interior design trends is by searching on Pinterest, Instagram, or reading interior design magazines. If you are not the DIY type, then bring some inspiration images to an interior designer for help manifesting your vision.


Bedroom with towels on bed

3. Furnishing quickly

If you move without big furniture items, then you are probably facing a long and drawn out search for new furniture. Just imagine all the hours you could spend of combing thru listings on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, or calling up furniture stores across town to see if they have what you need. And that’s only if you already know your style and how to put together a good living space. 

If your time is restricted, and you just want to feel at home now, there is a better option for you.

You deserve better than mysterious online purchases and setting up flat packed furniture all alone! Instead, look for a design-and-furnish company like Furnishr. Furnishr is a company that takes your new layout and creates a custom room package designed to your style, taste, and budget. Then they ship, deliver, and assemble it all for you. 

It can take as little as two weeks to design the room, and one day to set everything up. What better way to feel at home in your new city? 


There you have it – are you feeling excited for your move?


If you can do these two things — explore the city on foot, and furnish your place quickly — then you can get to know a new city easily. We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming move! Let us know if we can help you with a custom room design package. Or coffee shop advice in your new city 😉


Happy furnishing!

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How to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Although small rooms may seem cozy and fun, they can sometimes feel suffocating. But there are some easy ways to make small spaces look bigger, if you’re willing to do the work. 

As you fill your home with more belongings, storage space becomes an uncommon commodity. Trinkets begin to pile up on all your surfaces, and books get left out. We’ve all been there! Even a little bit of mess can make a small space feel extra closed-in.

Just one or two items left out can leave your space feeling cluttered, especially if your space was small to begin with. We get it, not everyone has the luxury of having extra square footage. 

However, rather than settling for a dysfunctional space, there are three easy ways you can make small spaces look bigger.

You can also feel free to check out our 8 tips for furnishing small spaces. We’re pretty passionate about this topic, so don’t be shy with your questions!

a clean and minimalist living room with inset TV, rug, coffee table, and dark couch with cream throw cushions

Small Room Design Ideas

Whether you live in a house or a small apartment complex, there are some easy tips and tricks that experts use to create the illusion of a bigger and more spacious home. You can be this by choosing the right furniture, artwork, and ornaments. Ready to get started? Here’s how you can make small spaces look bigger. Just like the experts.

1. Use statement furniture that is multi- purpose

  • Low and high: A sofa with low arms can make the room feel bigger. It allows you an overall view of the room from multiple angles. This also creates a sense of movement in the space.
  • Select furniture with a “wow” factor: The “wow” comes from small elements such as materials used, accents, details, and patterns. This enables you to style a room that reflects your personality. Have fun and show off your individuality!
  • Multi-purpose functionality: Selecting furniture with a dual purpose allows flexibility. It also removes the need for excess furniture. This can improve overall traffic flow, so that you do not have to worry about weaving and navigating through too many pieces of furniture.
  • Show off some leg: Forget skirted sofas or boxy chairs. Instead, opt for height and sleek lines with visible chair legs. This creates air flow, helps reflect light, and creates a sense of space. 
  • Avoid small furnishings: Multiple pieces of small furniture can reduce the flow of movement in the living room. Large sofas that fill the room give the illusion of space whilst maximizing comfort.

A small living room with a light gray color scheme and minimal furnishings.

2. The ABC of artwork for small spaces.

  • Arrange smaller artworks or photographs in a group together to replicate a single piece.
  • Bold, oversized artwork can draw the eye upwards, becoming the focal point of the room and give the appearance of a bigger space. 
  • Colors can help create unity. Coordinate your art colors with your soft furnishings like cushions and throw rugs.

A wall featuring lots of small pieces of artwork and a hat, all in the tan color scheme.

3. Ornaments styled right.

  • Larger ornaments provide more impact, creating a sleek and modern sense of style. As a result, rooms appear clean, crisp, brighter and bigger.
  • Reduce the number of ornaments on your shelves by only displaying a few of your favorites. By keeping a few pieces of furniture or a few shelves clear of ornaments, the number of ornaments is reduced. Your small space will appear less cluttered
  • Excess ornaments can be kept in boxes or in a cupboard and rotated every season for a fresh look, allowing you to still enjoy the benefits of those treasured belongings.
  • Place items on furniture with less use. This reduces breakage and increases functionality and comfort. You don’t want a guest to knock over a favorite statue with their feet on the coffee table.
  • Add depth with items of varying heights and in groups of two or three

Here are a few additional small-space decorating tips, too:

  1. How to decorate a small living room
  2. How to decorate a VERY small bedroom

A small space living room with color coordinated throw cushions and a small coffee table with plant and ashtray.

> Comment below if you enjoyed learning how to make your small spaces look bigger! And let us know what topics you would like our designers to write about next. If you’re on a home design roll, then go read our next article on how to make your living space more functional.